Recent release from “Wisdom From The World’s Greatest Gurus” Hampton Court Press author Prometheus Worley is an inspiring collection of powerful wisdom of several of today’s most influential wise sages combined with Yogic wisdom.

New Jersey – JULY 27, 2021 – Prometheus Worley, inspired by brilliant businesspeople like how Steve Jobs would credit the wisdom of Guru Yogananda for much of his success throughout his life, has released his new book, “Wisdom From The World’s Greatest Gurus: Imagine Transforming Your Life, One Thought At A Time”: a well-conceived true transformation and self-actualization book detailing the affirmations of the world’s most acclaimed gurus with various prescriptive yoga sequence illustrations.

“I wrote this spiritual collection because I want to help others focus on the present and their best self. I went through my own deep contemplative thought and reflection and knew this practice of yoga combined with spiritual thinking belongs to humanity. I am uniting the words of many of history’s wisest thinkers and my knowledge of the body and mindful mediation,” Prometheus Worley states.

The enlightened spiritual teachers range found in the book range from Sadhguru, Gurmukh, Mooji, Ram Dass, Yogananda, Mirra Alfassa, Gurumayi, and J. Krishnamurti. Using dozens of exciting, full-colored, detail-rich graphics, Worley recast the complex dialogue of Yogic wisdom into various easy-to-understand infographic formats.

When asked what he wants the reader to take away from the book, Worley answers, “I hope this book inspires you to practice yoga and reclaim what is your: happiness and sovereignty. You are meant to be happy, and you are your guru; you can live in harmony, incoherence, with all aspects of yourself.”

Worley also helps others discover that “There is an infinite wisdom within all of us—and that our guru is ready to help us on our journeys to the truth, wellness, and a better understanding of ourselves, our experiences, and the world around us.”

An excerpt from a BookLife review: “What’s provided here is a collection of brilliant thoughts, quotes, aphorisms, and musings of the world’s esteemed gurus that may help to ignite the wick of your willpower to do better for yourself…But the world evolves, and as we continue to face the challenges of a worldwide pandemic, Prometheus Worley’s book can help you find your way back and reconnect with yourself. He writes in a manner that shows you how the wisdom of this world is not confined to traditional religious abstractions. As we are dazzled by the flood of scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs, Wisdom From The World’s Greatest Gurus leads you to have a deeper understanding of yourself through the documented insights of the sages.” (Source: Vincent Dublado)

Prometheus Worley shares his time between Europe and the United States. He is an Environmentalist, Sustainability Specialist, Author, and Audiobook Narrator, whose passions include: Climate Activism, Philanthropy, Fine Art & Antiques, Hiking, Backpacking, Meditation, Yoga, and International cultures.

As a Business Owner, Consultant and Reviewer, he has written widely on Healthcare Sustainability, Environmental Health & Safety, Classical Literature, Health & Fitness, International Travel, and the Luxury Industry. When not traveling or visiting Monasteries, Temples, Art Auctions, and galleries, you will likely find him and his family of five engaging in wonderfully warm fireside chats, hiking, and /or restoring vintage Victorian properties.

He is available for media interviews and can be reached on his author’s website:

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