Anthony Ortiz’s collection of poems speaks to the trials and tribulations of today’s world through his unique voice and perspective.

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Author Anthony Ortiz has recently released his new book, LYFE poetry which is a melodic connection of poems written with the ear of a musician, and it speaks about dreams, and life in the world today. The poems are powerful looks into the mind of the author, showing raw feelings, thoughts, and experiences through the magic of words. The book is currently available in multiple formats online.

Anthony Ortiz is an American poet, musician, and veteran from Los Angeles. He has traveled around the world, and he writes through the unique perspective that his journeys and experiences in life have given him. LYFE poetry is his first published book, making his entrance into the world of writing and publishing.

Ortiz’s writing is heavily influenced by his work in the world of music. He writes through the perspective of a musician, with melodic structures and rhythmic sentences that make emotion and movement come alive on the page. He brings the melody of his message forward in his words, connecting with the reader through multiple senses.

LYFE poetry takes the reader through the realities of the daily grind, exploring the complexities of the world through the lens of everyday life. The poems explore themes like love, inspiration, and deceit in raw and vulnerable sweeps of emotion and thought. The book is a look inside the mind of a veteran and artist in Los Angeles, exploring both experiences that are unique, and ones that are common to all.

LYFE poetry was published on June 2, 2021, and is currently available to purchase on Amazon, in both Kindle and Paperback formats. It is also available in PDF ebook format on the Lyfe Poetry website.

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