Taking Off the Mask: How to Avoid Hiring Dishonest Employees Who Could Ruin Your Business”: an illuminating tool to help educate financial and business leaders on the steps to take to emerge stronger from the current disruptions resulting from the pandemic, starting with hiring the right employees. “Taking Off the Mask” is the creation of Patrick V. Valtin, internationally acclaimed author, an expert in talent acquisition and retention in the small business world, and renowned keynote speaker, writer, management coach, and trainer. Through his book, his company Hirebox International services, and through consulting businesses and employers directly, Patrick helps employers avoid the pitfalls of hiring people who could be a liability to their business.

“I am delighted to be able to share my experience with financial and business leaders around the world,” said Patrick Valtin, CEO and owner of HireBox. “This book could not come at a better time, as the gravity of COVID-19’s impact on the employment market has dramatically affected the financial advisory industry.” Valtin’s short book, which takes less than an hour to read, provides guidelines and tips about how to avoid problematic hires.

Leaders who read “Taking Off the Mask” will learn:

     • How you need to redefine the “right people”

     • Why small businesses are dishonest people’s primary targets

     • What is “Negligent Hiring” and how to ensure you do not get accused of it

     • Why most small businesses fail at detecting dishonest people

     • The dangers of hiring on an impulse

     • Why successful businesses focus on “Hiring for Happiness”

     • What package of soft skills you need to look for (no matter what the position is)

     • A No-Fail Hiring procedure guaranteed to hire for honesty & happiness

     • Tools you can use to optimize your certainty throughout the hiring process

“Employers must prioritize their recruiting plans now more than ever and compensate for potential uncertainty with resilience and expectation,” said Valtin.” It’s time to set strategic recruiting targets based on capability, soft skills, and the willingness of new employees to contribute to the success & happiness of their workplace.”

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About Patrick V. Valtin

Patrick is the CEO and President of HireBox International as well as a keynote speaker, writer, management coach, and trainer. He’s trained over 140,000 people in the areas of personnel selection, people management, sales, sales management, marketing, organization, and leadership.

Patrick is also the founder and Chairman of U-Man, one of the biggest consulting and training firms in Europe, and is a founding member of the Advisory Board for the Hubbard College of Administration International in Los Angeles. HireBox (www.hirebox.com) is an exclusive, pre-hire assessment online platform that precisely evaluates applicants’ job-related soft skills. In the last 27 years, assessments now available on hirebox.com have been used by 5,230 clients to evaluate over 25,000 applicants from all industries.

Valtin’s customers and seminar attendees include USPS, Ford Motors, GM Motors, BMW, Renault, Mercedes, Toyota, Motorola, AIG, IBM, Re/Max, Century 21, ATT Canon, France Telecom, Hotels Accor, and Coca Cola, etc. just to name a few.

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