If you’re looking for an all-new way to experience the vacation of a lifetime, meet new people with similar interests, and see new places of the world, Keg Resorts is here for you. We are an upcoming travel adventure organization. Keg is not just the name of a resort; it’s a brand and a lifestyle synonymous with thrill and adventure. Keg Resorts will begin its journey in Indonesia 2020. Our goal is to create a line of modern adventure focused resorts. Hospitality and travel adventure is our number one priority; we are thrilled to offer our very first line of resorts across beautiful Indonesia

Why choose Keg Resorts?

We are starting this journey in Indonesia, one of the most sought-after travel destinations for people all over the world. Keg Resorts will manage the resorts as their own defined label. Keg Resorts aims to bring the same industry following that so many major brands like Quicksilver, Zara, and Hilton acquire. What do all these organizations have in common? A loyal following. We are bringing branding to the adventure travel resort segment which is not well developed at the moment. We may be starting in Indonesia, but we have big plans for expansions in the future. We hope that ‘Keg Resorts’ will be recognizedas the leading hospitality adventure brand worldwide similar tothe well-known adventure brands in various industries such as GoPro, Quicksilver or RedBull.

Resorts in Indonesia:

Keg Resorts plans to develop local chains of resorts in various resort locations around Indonesia. While for now, there is only one Bali, we hope to grow these less popular resort locations such as Lombok, Sumba, Sumbawa, Raja Ampat etc. into destinations people will travel across the world to come and see. Due to the low cost of real estate in these locations, we can develop beautiful, functional, and entertaining adventure travel focused resorts at a fair price; therefore, we aim to offer competitive pricing to our guests.

Stay tuned and contact us at eli@kegresorts.com if you have any questions.