It happens to the best of us: we go out for the night, leave the house after putting hours into our look, only to realize when it’s too late that something is not as glamorous as it ought to be.

Washed-out skin, overly heavy contouring, eyelashes that look like someone put them on with a paint roller. It is always disappointing to discover any of these shortcomings, and sometimes it’s even horrific, depending on how important the night is and how bad the mistake is.

Because of the possibility that something could go wrong, it is tough to feel confident about your makeup, confident that you haven’t overlooked any crucial details. This is where Mirrex can help. The world’s first smart makeup mirror, Mirrex features the Angel Lux Light, touch sensor control, adjustable brightness control, a selfie stand, a scratch-proof surface, and ergonomic design – plus QuickCharge Wireless Charging for your convenience. You can take the best selfies of your life, setting the light according to your environment and personal style, and to turn the light on, you just need to tap the mirror twice and then slide the surface to adjust the brightness.

The Angel Lux Light is a light on the same level as the most luxurious jewelry displays, its design showing you just what your skin will look like in the real world. As a bonus, you can even charge your phone while you are charging Mirrex – twice as face as other fast chargers. The selfie stand hooks right into your phone for stability, and you have the option to use one hand to hold Mirrex while the other hand applies makeup. You have never seen a mirror like this, and when you start to use it in your routine, you will unleash the full splendor of your beauty every day.