Delta By The Beach has a plan to release a single every month throughout the year of 2021.

VENTURA, CA – Delta By the Beach, a newly formed Blues ensemble in California is currently working on a project to release a new single every month in the year 2021. This project is creating music for the digital age when attention spans are shorter and audiences love to follow processes behind the scenes. Delta By the Beach will be writing, rehearsing, recording, mixing, and mastering in real-time, allowing their audience to follow along with the process of delivering a single at the end of each month.

The single release project is currently underway, with six releases out now. The singles have received over 20,000 plays each among the established download platforms so far, and are looking forward to more success in the future. The project will also include a special free Holiday Blues song to mark the completion of the series at the end of the year.

Delta By the Beach includes baritone guitarist and singer Doc Ventura, as well as guitarist Milo Sledge and drummer Eddie Layman. The band originally came together for a special one-time-only show at the Namba Performing Arts Space in downtown Ventura, but they enjoyed playing together so much that they decided to form a trio. Their inspiration is fueled by their mutual love of the blues, and the ambitious goal to release a single every month, which they set soon after their formation.

“We draw our inspiration from the classic juke joint blues bands of the ‘50s and ‘60s,” said Doc Ventura. “All of the songs are originals that pay homage to the ethos of blues giants like Muddy Waters, as well as lesser-known greats like Baby Boy Warren and Homesick James.”

Delta By the Beach is continuing to perform, and release singles every month, bringing traditional, no-frills juke joint music to digital platforms across the country.

More information on Delta By the Beach and its singles can be found on the Delta By the Beach website.

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