Dubai, UAE – Po, an anonymous Instagram account people are eager to know about randomly appeared and has been created to showcase artists and show the world different forms of art. The page is inclusive of all mediums of art, including music, anime, illustrations, and photography. Even the odd meme has been included as a recognizable yet niche art form. Most importantly, Po is giving recognition to artists from around the world who deserve to be discovered.

The name for the Instagram account comes from an individual of the same nickname who prefers to remain anonymous we assume. However, the individual behind the Instagram account is a freelance artist who has created album covers for musicians and modifies vintage toys. Po, the individual, created the Instagram account to acknowledge the impact art has had on their life. Not much was said by Po when interviewed but Po stressed upon the belief that art shouldn’t be taken for granted, and the whole Instagram account has been created to inspire others.

Po is not limited in its aesthetic – the page is designed to show the public all the different forms of art available. In doing so, Po attracts viewers of all different backgrounds and interests and reflects the art world in this way. In addition, Po stated that she shares art she considers to be inspiring to the page, hoping those following the Instagram account will feel the same way.

About @po

Po is an anonymous Instagram account created to share art with the world while allowing artists – ranging from the small, underground to the well-known – to be given recognition for their talent. Po is for showcasing all forms of art, regardless of the medium being used. Art is the true passion of Po, the anonymous individual behind the account, and they are channeling this into an Instagram account that provides a platform for other artists globally.

To follow Po and the inspiring artwork continuously shared on the page, visit @Po on Instagram or

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