Hily is one of the top dating apps in the U.S. for Q1 2019 by downloads.

Global dating app Hily is the first dating app in the world to put a stop to endless swiping, with a guarantee of a match within 15 minutes, reveals results of a study. [here]

Hily’s CEO Alex Pasykov said: “We are ending the fatigue of endless swiping on dating apps with Hily’s guarantee of a match within 15 minutes, life is short, now users don’t need to waste any more time with meaningless matches.

Hily has already been downloaded by millions of users and we are confident millions more will have a great experience using our app, saving time and finding great matches quicker.”

How it works:

    • Hily’s app matches on a number of data points, not just attractiveness like the other apps on the market. 
    • Hily has the smartest matching algorithm on the market because of its ability to match on: 
        • – Interests users specify in their profiles;
        • – Activity of users in the app;
        • – Profile likes (prioritizing profiles similar to those you swiped before).

How to get a great match on Hily quickly:

There are a number of factors affecting matching probability in the first 15 minutes including the number of photos you download in the first 15 minutes, filling more than 5 sections of your profile and swiping right on more than 10 people increases your chances to get a match in the first 15 minutes.

Download the Hily app here.

About Hily:

Hily is the smartest dating app in the world, its innovative matching algorithm combined with its communication tool makes finding the right person quicker, all within a safe environment.

Hily’s team of specialists are constantly moderating the environment to make it inclusive, regardless of sexuality or gender and to feel comfortable whilst using the app.

Hily users’ safety is the priority. There are several levels of protection, 24/7 moderation and around-the-clock support. Every registered user needs to provide an authentic picture in order to be verified.

Unique features

To make the users’ experience more interactive and secure, Hily’s developers introduced a number of unique features, such as:

    • A smart matching mechanism that ensures high relevancy of matches.
    • Ability to create and post entertaining stories – helps to find potential matches in a much more fun way than simple swiping.
    • Ability to send funny GIFS, videos, and audio messages to make a conversation even more entertaining.
    • Icebreakers – short phrases that users can send to each other right after matching (an easy way to start a conversation).
    • Feature requests – users can create requests for new features and vote for them. The team of developers implements most popular requests.

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