“Taking into consideration the adversities which the differently-abled go through, a shoe has been invented, which aims at strengthening the people who undergo such ailments, so that they too experience a normal lifestyle.”

U.S.A – Jameson C. Montgomery, the founder and the owner of the company Jay Monty’s Books has come up with his new brand ‘Resistakicks’, which comes as a great step forward for the people who are suffering Paraplegia or other such abnormalities. This is mainly aimed at making the lives of the millions of children normal who would grow up thinking they are inferior as compared to others. This comes as a much-welcomed step since the cases of inferiority complex among the differently-abled children is not new.

There would be a lot of people who would want to improve their strength and would look to change their mindset. The shoe enables an individual to develop their strength to new levels where they would feel completely normal, despite having gone through such adversities. Claimed as an ideal fit for strength training, the makers of this shoe look to really focus on making the lives of the people better.

Though this is one of the initial steps to be taken towards this direction, there might be a lot of possibilities of products being launched in this genre. It is important to think about the societal aspects catering to the individuals who get overlooked just because they might seem to lack a certain ability. These initiatives don’t just help them bring out their positive self but also helps them become a better version of themselves.

The goal is extremely simple and concise. Jameson has saved up a substantial amount to cover the Patent cost, Patent searches, sketches, Prototype videos, and marketing. The concept is currently seeking funds to build a portfolio to pitch to companies to get manufacturing for this product. The funded amount will be used to get this product out to those who could truly benefit from it.

For more information, visit his indiegogo page.


Jameson C. Montgomery, an entrepreneur and the founder of Jay Monty’s Books, which would soon change to Jay Monty company, has always looked to create a better place for the people who feel left out, or who face difficulties in their lives due to unavoidable circumstances.

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