Reducing customer service costs for e-commerce companies

China-based free bulk tracking service provider company, OrderTracking is today now offering multilingual services to all courier companies and e-commerce seller worldwide. This means that courier companies all over the world can now immediately connect with their API. The language barriers that have prevented these companies from accessing OrderTracking’s API has now been lifted.

“We expect us to do better, and that means providing better quality service. The current market is so large and active, growing by an average of 12% a year. It’s really exciting and we hope we can play a bigger role. We are focused on providing timely and accurate logistics information and are pleased to have the opportunity to serve more customers. Our value comes from the continuous improvement of the overall customer experience,” notes spokesman of OrderTracking.

When it comes to e-commerce companies, the provision of proper and adequate client service is crucial. In order to satisfy the growing number of customers’ logistic query requirements, they have to pay high customer service costs. OrderTracking services can reduce the cost and labor waste of these e-commerce companies by integrating the transit information and simplifying tracking processes. They offer global order tracking in one place which includes bulk trace and trace tool, support major global couriers, automatic matching courier, view multiple delivery status in a single page and so many others.

With orderTracking clients can get real-time updates anywhere. They can get timely notifications of every global order, keep delivery details of orders informed by SMS. The tracking of order status and location is done easily by just checking the message from OrderTracking which helps to reduce the package loss rate.

If e-commerce companies wish to reduce their customer service costs by a percentage of 80% then OrderTracking is the best company to work with.

With Ordertracking, you can

     • Bulk Track DHL Packages in One Click

     • Access tracking from anywhere at any time

     • Follow up on Every Order by SMS

     • Track for online Customer&Merchant easily

For more information please visit the OrderTracking website.

About OrderTracking

OrderTracking respects technology and idea and works on changing the eCommerce industry. Ordertracking the tracking for every single one to enhance the international parcels tracking experience. They have a terrific free web tool to provide as much information with fewer clicks and redirecting.

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