Margex spends $3 million for platform upgrade.

VICTORIA, SEYCHELLES, April 02, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Margex, a cryptocurrency trading platform boasting ultra-convenient and user-friendly copy trading, announces its launch of a zero-fee converter as part of its $3 million Margex 2.0 upgrade, enabling copy trading of different cryptocurrency assets.

Margex Spends $3 Million For Platform Upgrade

Margex 2.0 redesign has been a tremendous milestone as it aims to provide traders with the best experience in copy trading of different cryptocurrency assets.

Having spent over $3 million in redesigning its new copy-trading platform, Margex has launched a zero-fee converter to enable traders to have a seamless trading experience and conversions of crypto assets.

It also provides an opportunity for traders to diversify their portfolios while maximizing profit returns as they participate in different copy trading of cryptocurrencies. Also, with its new and improved dark mode, traders can switch to different interfaces that appeal to their personality.

Margex plans to unveil an ultra-modern crypto wallet making it possible for traders to control and safeguard their assets with just a few clicks to make copy trading more intuitive.

About Margex

Margex is a boutique cryptocurrency exchange established in 2019, providing users access to a safe, powerful, and convenient copy trading platform. Margex copy trading makes trading simple yet effective for traders of any experience level. Users of all types can earn a return on their equity by replicating the trades of professional traders with no experience required, while skilled traders can earn income by allowing other users to copy successful strategies.
With a minimum deposit of $10, traders can access all of Margex’s copy trading functionality, as it remains the most user-friendly platform in the crypto industry.

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