Charity foundation «Dopomogator» and Allbionics team have announced the launch of a bionic prosthetics project for Ukrainians

KYIV, UKRAINE, April 23, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Charity foundation “Dopomogator” and Allbionics team have announced the launch of a bionic prosthetics project for Ukrainians who have lost limbs during the war. According to the founder of the Found, Olena Chernovolova, the goal of the project is to return adults and children who have become victims of the war to a full life.

“Our goal is to provide 150 free bionic upper limb prostheses by the end of 2023. I am extremely proud of the Charity Foundation “Dopomogator” involvement in this innovative and extremely important project for Ukrainians. We have set ourselves an ambitious but achievable goal. I am confident we will achieve it,” said Olena Chernovolova.

Regenerate Ukrainians bionic prostheses are made from combined 3D-printed materials, which provide strength and comfort. Finger-controlled sensors allow for the necessary grips, and the size and color choices are individual for each user. A printed array of sensors provides precise control for users with different types of amputations, and built-in machine-learning technology makes skill acquisition easier. A flexible porous lining is printed individually for the user, providing reliable fixation. Importantly, production, installation, and service occur in Ukraine, significantly reducing the cost of bionic prostheses.

At present, we need international donors’ support, and any help is vital to achieving our goal. We believe the Regenerate Ukrainians project will help many people return to a normal life.

Please let us know if you need any additional information about the Regenerate Ukrainians project or would like to help us achieve our goal. Contact us at or visit our website at

We are very grateful for your support and help in restoring the lives of people who have suffered from war.

Olena Chernovolova,
Founder of the
Ukraine, 01133, Kyiv, 26 Lesi Ukrainky blvd.

The Dopomogator charitable foundation was created in 2017 by a team of IT specialists. Now our team consists of 12 employees with a boundless desire to help and change the lives of Ukrainians for the better!

The main goal of Dopomogator in 2023 is to help provide free bionic prosthetics to military and civilians who lost a limb during the war, as well as humanitarian and financial support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and medical workers.

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