The present age is the age of abundance. Loads of clothes, accessories, footwear, gadgets, Games, you name it and we have it. Still we see emptiness around. People are not happy, in terms of real happiness, as they once used to be. Being child like, laughing for no reason, being their true selves on all fronts. What, we see around is all, fake. Fake personalities, fake happiness, more on the likes of show-offs. What is seen commonly is momentary happiness, when a person’s goals are fulfilled or when he/she gets to fulfill his/her desires of a house, a car, or even marriage. But as soon as those desires are fulfilled, things are back to usual. The same emptiness haunts back.

A typical day of a person, he/ she wakes up, grooms him/herself, sets out for work, and on the way, he keeps thinking about how much he hates to work and what if this was a weekend. Starts the desperate wait of weekend. Come weekend, gone in parties, booze, shopping, movies, and again the week strikes and cycle begins. It is as if we are dead 5 days in a week and again become alive on the last day. What will shock you is both style of living, weekdays and weekends is not real life. Life is when you live in the moment, experiencing every activity at the soul level, as you would have heard in many lectures of life style Gurus. And, moment, by moment you make your life complete. Every moment worth lived completes your life. So where exactly is this, life lost.

Well, you may be surprised to know, everything is in place, except for you. Your willpower is ditching you, essentially the power of the soul, is will power. The qualities- power to endure, love, patience, kindness, control, all lies in will power. And we are doing nothing to earn this. So our most significant wealth is depleting and we don’t even have means to increase it, in our modern lifestyle.

What gives you will power, sadly no tonic will. Will power increases through true meditation, understanding your self at the soul level, and building true connection with your higher self. As Baba Ram Rahim, the great Saint, puts it, willpower is single most tonic of the soul. With this, soul becomes powerful and this also gives you loads of other qualities. Immense self-confidence builds up and success inevitably follows you.

How can you earn willpower? Well, through meditation. A true Guru, can give you God’s name or God’s words, basically the name with which you can call out to him and connect with him. Meditationis like charging yourself with the powerhouse of energy, exhorts Baba Ram Rahim.

And once you meditate regularly you build a permanent connection with the powerhouse that never lets you dry. Thus follows true happiness, confidence, patience, self-control, and capability to fight your inner negativities. And positivity starts to build, you learn to control your thoughts and win over yourself in true sense. Baba Ram Rahim’s millions of followers are live examples. It is amazing how millions sit together and practice meditation and connect at a spiritual level, the whole place sends out vibrations of positivity and bliss. There is no heaven better than this place, where millions practice this form of meditation and follow true spirituality and this is Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa.

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