The leading Watch House, Watchesaholic has plenty to celebrate this year as it has completed three decades since they first launched, way back in 1986.

armani-watches-black-and-gold-mens-chronograph-watch-ar5905-p25494-16236_zoom_grandeWatchesaholic has been the leading player in affordable, yet exquisitely crafted watch ranges, a range which has something to offer for every individual. Watchesaholic, on its catalogue has the very best of brands in each segment, from Alacrity to Georgio Armani, and Flame to Hugo Boss.

To mark three decades of supplying the very best watches in the industry, Watchesaholic has also introduced a sale on all of its products, which will enable its customers to save up to 50% of their money.

Over the years, watches have evolved in terms of their shape and design, to their functionalities – from large time pieces to smart watches.

Yet, nothing beats the look and feel of an old fashioned analogue watch on your wrist.

Watchesaholic follows the simple Add to Cart and Check Out methodology which makes it all the more easier to shop for your favourite watch piece.

gshock8_grandeConsidering the wide range of over a 100+ watch pieces from over 20 brands that Watchesaholic houses, each watch piece is different from the other in terms of its material, belt, design and even the technology used.

The chronograph movement technology integrated with traditional watch making is what makes Watchesaholic different from other retailers.

The birth of Watchesaholic came about when watches ceased to be a mere necessity, to a fashion accessory with different watches being made for different occasions.

The USP of Watchesaholic is that it offers a wide range of the latest fashion watches at the best possible price to its customers.

At present, Watchesaholic stocks reputable brands such as Accurist, Georgio Armani, Bering, Barbour, Braun, Daniel Wellington, Guess, Juicy Couture, Ice-Watch, Kennett, Lipsy, Olivia Burton, Seiko, Swatch, Ted Baker, Timex, TW Steel, Versus Versace, Victorinox, Wolf Design, and 88 Rue Du Rhone, just to name a few. Apart from time pieces, Watchesaholic also houses several varieties of beautiful bracelets to enamour your beauty.

Untitled_design-40_grandeAt Watchesaholic, we believe that a watch o your wrist is nothing less than a statement, declaring who you are as a person. That’s why, we never have and never believe in compromising over quality. Our fantastic timepieces are all originals with Watchesaholic being the official sellers of the brand. Watchesaholic offers manufacturer’s warranty for most of its time pieces, and where manufacturer’s warranty is not specified, it offers in house warranty.

Time pieces at Watchesaholic are the result of age old philosophies and new age technologies coming together, and that exactly is what sets them apart. Watchesaholic is the trendsetter and prized time piece provider for celebrities and regular folks alike.