“With Vloggah, become an instant vlogger with ease and simplicity not found anywhere else. Using the integrated Vloggah application, record, edit, and share videos directly from your mobile device and share your content with your friends and family, or to other social media platforms.”

Dubai, UAE – Vloggah, a new social media platform, allows users to become instant vloggers with its uniquely integrated video, editing, and social media tools, allowing both amateur and professional vloggers to record, edit, and share instant videos directly from their mobile device to their family, friends, and followers.

With Vloggah, users can take advantage of a range of video, audio, and media sharing tools. Record a video directly from the application using your mobile device or choose to use one already saved in your device’s media gallery. Using Vloggah’s user-friendly tools, edit the video on the go and share it to your Vloggah feed, or to social media websites like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. Never has vlogging been so easy and simple for both amateurs and professionals alike, and Vloggah’s ability to make vlogging accessible is changing the landscape in the world of digital recording and media sharing.  

Getting started with Vloggah is easy. Simply sign-up for a free account to take advantage of Vloggah’s full range of features, including call recording, free video editor, and media tools – including its integrated social media platform. However, registration is not required, and users can try out Vloggah for free as a guest.

To Vloggah today, please visit Vloggah.com or download it from the Android Play Store.


Founded in 2019 by Johan Santos and Richelle Solda-Santos, Vloggah seeks to make “vlogging” easy by providing comprehensive recording, editing, and social media tools directly to users via their mobile devices. A team of professionals, each with a passion and commitment cinematography and development, supports the application behind the scenes to make vlogging and sharing one’s digital media content, easier and more accessible than ever before.

Media Contact
Company Name: Vloggah Ltd
Contact Person: Johan Christian Santos
Email: jsantos@vloggah.com
Phone: +971528029634
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates
Website: www.vloggah.com