Roaring onto the global rap game, dripped in a cool, calm charisma that’s impossible to ignore – rapidly rising rapper Cass has just released his latest smash single “Drop Top”. It’s nothing short of a hustle anthem as he layers hard-hitting bars over bass-heavy beats to tell a tale of pure luxury and success. It’s the perfect soundtrack to anybody else rapidly on the rise to greatness – acting as a motivational floor-filler for anyone that’s ever tried to achieve the incredible.

The Toronto rapper made the song just as effortlessly as most of his pursuits. Grabbing a heavy UK Drill beat and just spitting the life over the streets over the rhythms. The result is a hard, dirty banger that is oozing in originality and authenticity. Growing up in the streets of Scarborough, the song touches on his experiences of rising from nothing. This is something that seeps through in his raw, rap sound that tells real rags to riches story and the truths of the luxurious lifestyle. This is the first time he’s ever rapped. Don’t be fooled though, it’s a furious floor-filler that’s bound to get the party going.

The rapper got into entertainment young as a means of climbing the ladder of success. He has a knack for creating simple, easy to sing-along-to anthems that still manage to break boundaries in the genre. The kind of songs that would play perfectly at a party, just as much as on a Tik Tok video. After some years of focusing on increasing his cash flow, he jumped into the rap game in 2020 during the pandemic as he hopped on social media in pursuit of something greater. He called one of his good friends who was always in the studio, hit the mic and the rest was history.

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