Some of the best vehicle tracking systems are:
1.) Convexiconindia Vehicle Tracking Software
2.) X6 Fleet Commando
3.) Dynakode

A vehicle tracking system includes the installation of an electronic device in a vehicle, or fleet of vehicles, with software designed and installed at one operational base to enable the owner to track the vehicle’s location, collecting data in the process from the field and deliver it to the base of operation, collecting location information and delivering it to owner. Modern vehicle tracking systems normally use GPS technology for detecting the vehicle. Vehicle information can be observed on electronic maps via the Internet. Urban public/government transit authorities are an increasingly common use of vehicle tracking system, particularly in large cities.

Smart Vehicle Tracking (SVT), one of the top supplier of GPS based vehicle tracking systems in India, targets at offering new and cost effective vehicle tracking solutions containing hardware as well as software. GPS tracking technology is most appropriate for marine management. It is a unique way for companies and individuals to monitor and control their cars, jeeps, trucks and other vehicles for getting specific details by sitting in the office. GPS tracking system will allow you to monitor the movements of your employees, drivers, vehicles or any other asset accurately. With smart vehicle tracking system in your company, you will find a smart way of fleet management by tracking your vehicles.