Top experts come together on April 13, 2022 in United States at the 11th WGES where programs & forecasts are highlighted, innovative technologies launched, and economic opportunities in clean energy & sustainability unveiled.

WASHINGTON, DC, January 27, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The WGES will bring together top experts, leading decision makers, buyers, investors, innovators, global industry and local, state, and federal agencies and delegates in a platform conducive for information exchange, opportunities, networking, and actionable solutions to a packed audience. The symposium will be held on April 13, 2022 from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

“For the eleventh year the WGES will serve as a world stage for education and information exchange on maintaining the health of our planet and as a platform on clean energy technologies and sustainable programs that will also benefit our economy,” states Professor Gallagher, Executive Chairman of the WGES Organizing Council, “we are now at the eleventh hour based on scientific data, all heading toward the cliff of no return if we do not take action now, therefore, the decisions we make will affect generations to come.”

Since its inception the WGES has taken place annually in the United States and has attracted people and organizations from across the country and the world. WGES is always invited to – and hosted or co-hosted by – a city, state or academic institution.

WGES serves as world stage bringing together a multi-discipline audiences which includes government agencies and their leadership, industry, academia, innovators, and investors all together in a platform of education and information exchange.

WGES works in collaboration with universities, government agencies, businesses, environmental organizations, chambers of commerce, economic development, and other nonprofit organizations, the WGES provides the platform for the education, exchange and implementation of clean energy and sustainability efforts through its master lectures, case studies, and interaction.

The WGES footprint is its ability to attract some of the best minds, top decision makers and thought leaders who are seeking energy usage savings solutions and/or looking to increase economic development using clean energy technologies and products.

This program is a rare opportunity to meet some of the game changers in the industry and the most innovative and advanced technologies to meet those demands. The 2022 program will highlight opportunities in this space as an economic implicator, job creator, and as a vantage point for a healthier planet.

In addition, periodically the WGES highlights those who have had influence in this industry. Those previously recognized include Drexel University for its Smart House Program, the City of Philadelphia for its Greenworks sustainable program accepted by Mayor Nutter, the Country of Brazil and presented for its Sustainable Program in Rio de Janeiro, the District of Columbia for its Sustainable DC Plan, the University of the District of Columbia CAUSES for its Urban Food Hubs concept as a model for Urban Agriculture, and Dow for its corporate leadership in sustainability, among others. The WGES 2022 NOVA Award Honorees will be announced in the coming month and they will be recognized on the world stage for their leadership and positive impact. The WGES Board will continue to take nominations for the NOVA Awards until February 25, 2022.

The WGES continues to follow in its tradition of having a cross section of the country’s and the world’s top experts and dynamic speakers. The presenters provide updates on actual case studies and opportunities, economic and sustainable opportunities for careers and contracting and discussions followed centering on issues and solutions, along with internship opportunities presented to students who are in attendance. For a list of evolving Speakers and agenda visit

Participants will meet the game changers, top experts, and Nobel Laureates and learn what they are doing to change the landscape with technologies, innovations, and products. Find out what global industry and government are doing or about to do to save energy consumption. Learn opportunities that lie ahead directly from the international community for your business to export. Hear the latest forecasts in contracting within this space directly from government agency officials and prime contractor leadership. Connect with industry prime contractors, meet government agency representatives. Is your agency or organization looking for solutions in this space? You will find the answers firsthand by meeting the game changers at the WGES. Do you have a technology, product, innovation, or service you want funded? Check out the major investors attending.

Agenda highlights include experts presenting on Procurement, Contract and Forecasting opportunities in clean energy. In this session you will hear different clean power supply options, benefits of green energy purchasing, and information on how to capture the greatest benefit from your purchase. Hear the cooperative effort among various government agencies. Powering the Grid and Maximizing Cyber Security. The importance of securing the grid is as vital as ever, presenters will address the trends and challenges that are shaping the security needs of the grid and prevent cascading events that lead to blackouts, public health and safety issues and economic impact. New Barriers that Face Building Energy Conservation, Healthy Buildings Technologies, Consumption to invest in energy efficiency is a “win-win” reducing the amount of energy used, efficiency measures can reduce energy consumption (and, consequently, impacts of energy use) and save customers money. Examine renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies used in building applications and assessing their emissions reduction potential. Navigate Available Financial Access for Energy. Learn about new contracting, financing, and global growth opportunities from federal government agencies. Hear direct from policy makers, program managers, financial lenders. Establish an Achievable Clean Water Solution, new energy efficiency practices in water and wastewater plants. Learn about innovative technologies, requirements, and funding opportunities for solutions. Transportation/Infrastructure presenters will describe the magnitude directly affected by transportation such as food security, health, energy, economic growth, infrastructure, and cities and human settlement, reduce traffic congestion and enabling compact development. Environment & Health, as the planet warms, oceans expand and the sea level rises, floods and droughts become more frequent and intense, and heat waves and hurricanes become more severe. The most vulnerable people—children, the elderly, the poor, and those with underlying health conditions—are at increased risk for health effects from climate change. Learn from scientists and officials on the key areas of scientific advancements, research, and funding to counter the effects on impact of climate change on human health by scientists and health industry. Presenters invited and confirmed include Mr. Kevin Kampschroer, GSA Chief Sustainability Officer, Director of Office of Federal High Performance Green Buildings, U. S. General Services Administration, Michael Jones-Bey, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, Supplier Diversity | Sustainability | Investment Recovery, Consolidated Edison, Invited: The Honorable Gina M. Raimondo, Secretary of Commerce. U.S. Department of Commerce, Sabine O’Hara, Ph.D., PhD Program Director, College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences, University of District of Columbia, Ronald Uba, Acting Supervisor, Business Development Specialist, Office of Business Development, United Stated Department of Commerce – MBDA, The Honorable Konstantinos Skrekas, Minister of the Environment and Energy of Greece, Invited: The Honorable Pete Buttigieg, US Secretary of Transportation United States Department of Transportation, Invited: The Honorable Jennifer Granholm, Secretary of Energy, United States Department of Energy Reginald Swift, Ph.D, Founder and CEO, Rubix Life Sciences, Gary Lawrence, Director, Sustainable and Resilient Strategies, WGI, Inc.,

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About the World Green Energy Symposium ( The WGES takes place annually in the United States of America and has been doing for more then a decade. The WGES is well known for its exceptional quality driven programs and its ability for outcome based results for its participants. WGES brings together government agencies, global industry, academia, investors, innovators, delegates, together under one roof. Working in collaboration with universities, government agencies, businesses, environmental organizations, chambers of commerce, economic development and other for profit and nonprofit organizations, the WGES has earned its mark for providing a world stage as a platform for the education, information exchange and implementation of sustainability efforts through its master lectures, case studies, and audience interaction. Since its inception, WGES One Day Forums and 3 Day Conferences have been held at the invitation of – and hosted by – a City, State and/or Institution of Higher Learning, with partnerships with federal, state, local agencies, industry, academia and NGOs who have and share sustainable plans, technologies, contract opportunities, and/or programs as part of their framework supporting incentives, jobs and contracting opportunities as a vantage point for economic vitality and a healthier planet.

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