New Journal Helps People At A Relationship Crossroads.

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 18, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — As we approach the spring, we begin to think about how to clear out the old to make room for the new with a fresh and exciting energy. And sometimes, this need for cleansing extends to our romantic relationships.

The Goodbye Guide by breakup coach and exit strategist Von Simmons Fisher aims to help people at a crossroads in their relationship figure out if they should stay or if they should go.

“We all know at least one person who has spent countless weeks, months, and sometimes years deliberating about whether they should leave a relationship or situationship,” says Simmons Fisher. “That friend may go back and forth, talking themselves in and out of making a solid decision. And sometimes, all of the pro and con lists still aren’t enough to bring them to a decision. The Goodbye Guide helps them to gain a new perspective about whether they should stay or go.”

Rather than feel like you’re in the middle of a ping pong match, The Goodbye Guide serves as their own personal journal and a means of getting clearer on what they want. The book asks tough questions designed to help them get unstuck, make big-girl decisions, and, if need be, exit stage left.

The questions within The Goodbye Guide will help you to understand:

-Who you are as an individual, including your personal values and how that sets the stage for your relationships

-What’s going on in your relationship and whether your relationship is healthy and complimentary of your own lifestyle goals

-Ultimately, how to either live with your current relationship or how to gracefully say “goodbye”

As an added bonus, you’ll have a few awesome quotes to use as mantras when you need them.

Gifting a copy of The Goodbye Guide is a great way to help your friends figure it out for themselves. It also frees you from the awkward position of trying to support or enable them during the back and forth phase of their decision-making process.

As one reader amend Leigh said in her Amazon review, “The Goodbye Guide is thoughtful and a helpful process of discovery for a relationship. I love that it starts from personal core values and builds from there, keeping you honest with yourself, about what you need in a relationship and without judgment. I actually found the process to be very positive and reaffirming. It also brought to light some of what I forget to ask myself or take into consideration. I really enjoyed this process and found it very helpful and enlightening. It helped lift some of the burden of knowing what to ask myself, or how to go about figuring out what I really want and need to do.”

Take a look at Von’s top tips for making a breakup go as smoothly as possible:

1. Protect Yourself By Keeping Memories Out of Sight – This means blocking your ex (and maybe their friends too) on social media to avoid the temptation to cyberstalk and obsess over every like or comment. Get rid of photos on your phone or any other memorabilia that might remind you of the “good old days.”

2. Don’t Text Your Ex – (I encourage my clients to text me instead)

3. Don’t Get Caught Up On Closure – Avoid the temptation to reach out to ask why he/she cheated or why he/she took you for granted. If you’ve already broken up, it doesn’t matter why. All that matters is that you love yourself enough to get out of an expired relationship.

4. Be Intentional About Digesting – Explore all the yellow and red flags. Think about why you may have ignored or overlooked those things. Think about the lessons learned (even if it was as simple as trusting your instincts).

5. Don’t Date Again Until You’re Ready – Ask yourself how you would feel or react if you ran into your ex and their new girlfriend? If you believe you can get through that type of encounter without tears, that’s a pretty good indicator that you might have healed enough to move forward.

The Break-Up Bounce Back Journal — the sequel to The Goodbye Guide — is already underway, and, as the name implies, it helps you dry the tears, gather the lessons and walk forward towards a new you, full of wisdom, strength, and self-love.

The Goodbye Guide is available in ebook form on Amazon and retails for $9.99. For more information, visit the author’s website at

Von Simmons Fisher is a trusted advisor and transition partner for women who want to move through heartbreak with a sense of empowerment and come out on the other side more fulfilled and more whole.

Through her powerful conversations, inspired action, and magical gift for creating safe and supported environments where the most profound transformations take place, she is here to help you finally achieve the greatest love of all — while making it all feel like a soul-soothing sleepover with your bestest girlfriend.

Her sharp insights and valuable lessons have been featured in places like Blavity, Ask Men, UpJourney, Medium, and VoyageLA.

And when she’s not these creative massive shifts for remarkable women just like you you can find her tackling a new belly dance routine or catching up on This Is Us.

Meet Von and get ready to move forward in life and love with a different perspective at

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