Tanya M. Wilson is a personal brand and professional motivational speaker, as well as, a leadership development expert. She disarmingly delights her audiences with a sincerity that arrests you in a place that you cannot escape. Her vulnerability captivates audiences’ attention by wrapping humor and vivid illustrations around life changing messages that will stick to your soul. We had a chance to speak with her and learn more about her business.

Q: So, what does your business exist to accomplish, and who does it serve?
360youllc incorporates a number of arms. Under the entertainment arm, we seek to support artist, not only in their craft; but educating them on and preparing them for the nuts and bolts of the industry. The Take2 arm I consider my personal life mission. My current book “Take 2 Steps To Rejoining Your Life, based on Joel 2:25, to not allow their trials to leave them stranded in the midst of trial, rather to refuse to stop where it happened.

Q: What is a major business goal for you in 2019?
In 2019, the goal is to increase my footprint domestically and internationally.

Q: Who or what inspires you to live your best life?
The experiences of my life, both the great things and the challenging. To have endured and learned through every circumstance, is a celebration of a life worth living.

Q: What has entrepreneurship done for you?
Entrepreneurship has challenged me to invest in myself. To realize that in addition to many years in the entertainment industry, I had to own my gifts in my own business.while seeking to give them to the world.

Q: As an entrepreneur what have you had to sacrifice to make this business work?
The biggest sacrifice has been financial. Investing in yourself and your business is not always free. Knowing you are properly placed in your business and valuing your contribution, forces you to commit the revenue for your greater good.

Q: What motto do you live by?
Don’t Stop Where It Happened As a published author, Tanya’s first book “Souls of My Sisters,” a compilation of women’s stories, had her share pages with the likes of Mary J. Blige and Patty Labelle. She followed that with a devotional “Bringing Back Virtue: 30 Day Women’s Devotional and Take2: “Steps to Rejoining Your Life,” both available on her website, Amazon and where finer books are sold.

You can learn more about her at www.Tanya-wilson.com IG officialtanyawilson IG, FB 360youEntertainment