The “Parables of the Secrets of Heaven and the Testimony of the Fulfillment” seminar from Shincheonji Church comes after 1,200 pastors attended the previous seminar series and wanted to learn from the Church.

GWACHEON, KOREA, January 15, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Shincheonji Church of Jesus hosted an online Press Conference on Friday, January 14th at 6:00pm CST. The event, titled “Shincheonji Americas Press Conference” was in response to interest growing among pastors and media after the Revelation Seminars that had been livestreamed in November and December of 2021 had great success. The seminars drew over 700 pastors to ask for collaboration in learning the scripture from Shincheonji. The series, entitiled The Testimony on the Prophecies and Fulfillment of Revelation gathered over 100 media representatives from almost 30 different countries and a total of over 6 million viewers.

The Press Conference was livestreamed from the Shincheonji Church’s official YouTube channel and it featured different pastors around the world wanting to collaborate with Shincheonji who had attended the Revelation seminar series late last year. There was also a speech from Shincheonji Chairman Man Hee Lee, who has been working for over 39 years to provide this Bible education for free worldwide, and is now livestreaming the content for all people to watch. Several media companies came to gather the press including Religio Mag, Bolsa de Noticias (a Nicaraguan TV station) and many other TV and radio stations tuning in to hear about more upcoming seminars from the church.

A new seminar series is coming from Shincheonji Church after the Revelation Seminars, as the book of Revelation can be more clearly understood after learning the parables of the Bible. Therefore, the church will now be hosting the series entitiled The Parables of the Secrets of Heaven and the Testimony of the Fulfillment which began January 3rd. This seminar series will be 24 lectures long and free for all people to access and learn the Bible.

Chairman Lee expressed the importance of understanding the Bible at this time. “It says in the Bible that things will not remain as parables forever, but there will come a time when things will be spoken plainly – this is when the prophecies in parables become fulfilled.” He added, “These true entities will be revealed in the future lectures.”

A representative of Shincheonji described the effect of these seminars on Christian pastors and the response that has been received so far. “The 1,200 pastors who signed an MOU [Memorandum of Understanding] regarding Bible education will be listening to this seminar series. Every believer of God should understand these words – we ask all of the Christians around the world, including pastors, to pay close attention.”

The ongoing Parables seminar series will be broadcasted in 24 different languages on the church’s YouTube Channel. The channel and Parables of the Secrets of Heaven videos can be found in English here uploaded as the videos are livestreamed:

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