Bellevue Shredding Service Supplier Provides Free Containers
LeMay Mobile Shredding operates in Western Washington up and down the I-5 corridor including Greater Seattle and also Key Peninsula from Bremerton to Port Angeles. Spokesperson Michelle Roberts says, “We’ve been in business for 64 years (since 1942) and we have invested in our company infrastructure and diversified our services. This allows us to provide recycling, solid waste collection, long hauling, drop boxes and on-site mobile shredding at a great value to our customers. Our charges are generally 50% less than our competitors.”

LeMay truly believes in helping their customers. Take a look at the FAQs:
Q. Do you have a fuel surcharge?
No, and our shredding rates have remained the same for the past 5 years.

Q. Why is there no sales tax?
The paper that we shred is recycled, therefore Washington state does not apply a tax.

Q. Why do I want to use a mobile shredding company?
With a mobile shredding company you don’t have to remove staples or paper clips. We can shred 100 lbs per minute and provide a document of destruction after your documents have been shredded. You can let your employees get back to work.

Q. Do you charge container fees?

Q. Do you have a minimum service requirement?
No, we don’t. The benefit of our service is you only pay for the volume of materials
that are actually destroyed.

Q. What size containers do you provide with your service?
32 gallon
64 gallon
90 gallon
Non-paper media

Q. Is there additional costs for desk side baskets?
No, desk side baskets for individual work stations are provided on request for no
additional fee.

It’s easy to get started. Simply call with your questions for complete details at 877-898-0112 for your request. LeMay will need to know if your shredding needs can be handled with a single pick-up or if you need a regularly determined service. Let LeMay’s representatives know what size container you will need and you’ll soon be saving time and money with their mobile shredding service. Call 877-898-0112 or visit us online at

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