Charlotte, NC, August 30, 2017 –(– A healthcare startup has developed a low-cost test that can help women catch changes in their blood that could indicate the development of breast cancer.

The test was developed by OncoTAb, a University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) spin-out company. The company was co-founded by UNC professor Dr. Pinku Mukherjee who was performing research on breast cancer. Dr. Mukherjee, a Mayo clinic alumna, discovered an antigen that can tell when cells in the breast are turning malignant. This discovery led to the OncoTAb Agkura™ Personal Score blood test.

Studies related to this test were published recently in a scientific journal. The results showed that the OncoTAb test identified breast cancer growth up to two years before mammography diagnosis. A link to the publication can be found at:

Since mammograms can miss even late stage cancers, especially in women with dense breast tissue, the OncoTAb Agkura™ Personal Score is another weapon in the arsenal against breast cancer. The Agkura™ test is a supplement to regular mammograms, say the founders of the Company.

The process to ordering the test is simple: A woman orders the test (from her doctor or through, gets her physicians’ prescription, sends in a blood sample, and reviews the results with her physician.

The results from the test are reported as a Personal Score, changes to which can be monitored over time. Women can repeat the test every six to twelve months, based on their risk level, and check for changes in their Personal Score. An increase in their Personal Score will indicate that a woman should seek further medical consultation and investigation via imaging modalities that are not impacted by dense breast tissue.

An Indiegogo campaign to help fund further research of the antigen and possibly develop other cancer detection tests (including one for early-stage pancreatic cancer) is underway. Those interested in contributing to the research or purchasing an Agkura™ Test at a discounted rate of only $149 can go to:–3#/

“This test works with any type of breast cancer, even triple-negative breast cancer. It specifically detects a tumor protein that is detected in over 90 percent of breast cancer patients,” says Dr. Mukherjee, co-founder of OncoTAb. “It really is revolutionary. There is nothing else out there like it.”

Prior to founding OncoTAb, Dr. Mukherjee spent more than 10 years working at the Mayo Clinic. During her 27 years of cancer research, Mukherjee has contributed to more than 100 peer-reviewed journals and proceedings. She is the sole inventor of the OncoTAb antibody, which has led to the development of early-detection blood tests for breast cancer.

OncoTAb has received multiple awards from the National Cancer Institute to develop treatments for triple negative breast cancer and pancreatic cancer. For more information or to order the test, visit or watch their video at:

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About OncoTAb, Inc.
OncoTAb ( is a University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) spin-out company with a patent-protected technology that is being used to address unmet cancer diagnosis and treatment needs. The company is also conducting research to develop treatments for triple negative breast cancer and pancreatic cancer based on multiple funding awards received from the National Cancer Institute.

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