“MiMundo is a technology consulting company helping startups and enterprise to solve complex business problem using the latest technology like blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, virtual and augmented reality at scale. Their focus on the business problem rather than technical solutions sets them apart from other technology consulting company.”

MiMundo’s founding member comes together with 20 plus years of experience in B2B and B2C industries and has the credentials to ship some of the most successful product used by millions of consumers.  Their deep expertise in e-commerce, loyalty, on-demand, banking, marTech, adTech, shipping, and logistics industries helps them to provide 360-degree insights to the client across all the industries.

One of the winners of Hedera Hackathon organized in Bangalore on 15th October 2018 "

 [One of the winners of Hedera Hackathon organized in Bangalore on 15th October 2018]

The company is comprised of quite a few professionals who have an encompassing knowledge of what the overall technology industry has to offer. They effectively aid the up-and-coming CXO’s to gain a lot through their consultancy, services and offerings.

They help CXO’s in solving these questions:

How to optimize current cost on technology?

• Which technology options should I choose?

• How to integrate the latest technology like blockchain, machine learning and articial intelligence, IoT into my core systems?

• How to automate the complex and repetitive task?

• How to gain meaningful insight from the data?


MiMundo specially designed framework effectively aids in the selection of proper, and most financially lucrative technologies. Not only are these applicable in terms of the possible innovations being made in the industry, but the company also effectively helps in proper integration activities and strategies. From block chain and machine learning to possible headways being made into such future offerings as Artificial Intelligence and IOT, some of these are effectively collected as essential knowledge. MiMundo then makes the concentrated effort to raise the bar by providing effective solutions for almost all of their clients.

The core systems offer a lot of solutions, especially the problems that have become quite commonplace in today’s industry. For instance, complex mobile and web apps, pixel perfect websites, crypto exchange development, IoT solutions, blockchain based solutions for different industries like games, sports, shipping and logistics, automation of repetitive task, chatbots, DevOps etc. By situating themselves all over the world, the company also has the rare ability to appeal to a globalized audience as a whole.                   


MiMundo is a brand comprised of diverse professionals both in terms of backgrounds, as well as the level of expertise. This allows them to be able in terms of being an effective consulting firm, across the entire spectrum of the up-and-coming technologies. One of their most insightful, and potentially active proposition is the integration, and implementation of correct block chain technologies across the board. By being completely transparent with their activities and forms of communication, they have been resoundingly successful in the pertinent timeframe of their existence. MiMundo is effectively based out of three locations across the world, namely Valencia in Spain, Lisbon in Portugal, and Mumbai in India.


Media Contact
Company Name: Rejolut Technology Solutions Private Ltd.
Contact Person: MiMundo
Email: Amit@mimundo.io
Phone: +91-9035771700
Country: India
Website: www.mimundo.io