London, UK – Mercurio Capital, a leading financial services firm, recently announced the completion of several high-stakes financing rounds for cutting-edge renewable energy projects, including biomass, mini-hydro, solar, and cogeneration, around the world. A leader in financial engineering, capital budgeting, and related services, Mercurio Capital is driving innovation each day in the UK, and around the world, with its growth and value strategies, financial models, and valuation techniques.

A sponsor for lenders and banks, Mercurio Capital recently sponsored several renewable energy projects as part of this financing venture and developed new energy and infrastructure financing techniques, such as “Mini Project Finance,” to accomplish financial goals. Committed to the future of global energy, Mercurio Capital has been leading the way by pursuing profit-maximizing investments in clean, green, and renewable energy projects around the world, which use renewable energy sources to meet the energy needs of the modern age. In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and produce environmental sustainability on multiple fronts, Mercurio Capital’s new techniques are proving effective for industry stakeholders and financiers alike.

A market leader, Mercurio Capital applies cutting-edge financial engineering models to increase value and maximize returns for shareholders and stakeholders, while simultaneously removing, mitigating, and controlling the risk of losses. Operating independently of any financial group or institution, Mercurio Capital is a corporate adviser and arranger of financial services and proves effective in its reliance on years of accumulated experience operating in the world’s largest financial markets, including the London Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, and Nasdaq Stock Exchange. The firm also advises companies in mergers and acquisitions situations, arranging leveraged buy-outs (“LBOs”) for UK-based companies and financers.

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