Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Keto Vegan Apparel, a fashionable and sustainable apparel brand, has announced a grand opening sale. Committed to reducing environmental impacts in the manufacturing and retail processes of apparel, Keto Vegan Apparel is the premier sustainable fashion brand in 2020.

With a deep desire to engage modern fashion pollution while remaining attractive and sustainable, Keto Vegan Apparel speaks to a new generation of environmentally conscious consumers looking to support fashionable apparel brands that exist to support the environment. At the intersection of cruelty-free and sex appeal, Keto Vegan Apparel retails premium garments made of 100 percent organic blends of bamboo, hemp, and cotton, which are manufactured in its fair-trade facilities in Toronto, Canada.

While major competitors exist at the detriment of society, using practices that involve cheap labor, sweatshop grade materials, cruelty to animals, and harsh environmental impacts, Keto Vegan Apparel’s mission is a lifestyle that never compromises its values from farm to retail. The fashion industry is responsible for 10 percent of annual global carbon emissions – more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined – according to the World Bank Group, and Keto Vegan Apparel is working tiredly to reduce greenhouse gas emission surges. Self-funded, Keto Vegan Apparel is not influenced by the agendas of larger corporations or politics.

“I will never knowingly support slavery,” remarked – Jason Williams, CEO & Creative Director of Keto Vegan Apparel. “Before making our first garment, we researched hundreds of fabricators to ask the toughest question in the industry, ‘How was this product made?’ To our dismay, most of the brands we admired were made on the backs of marginalized women and children. My faith will not allow me to support harming others, whether animal or human. We must have compassion and wear fashion the way it was intended.”

Today, more than ever, Keto Vegan Apparel is proud to be the premier apparel brand embracing sustainable fashion and the elimination of fast fashion trends that involve cruelty to humans, animals, and the Earth at large. A global movement, Keto Vegan Apparel has partnered with collaborators worldwide, in Canada, the United States, India, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Italy, Poland, Holland, Isreal, France, Brazil, and Switzerland, to reach millions of consumers.

About Keto Vegan Apparel

Founded by Jason and Mary Williams, Keto Vegan Apparel seeks to be the change environmental needs by offering a fashion label that defines the space between sustainability and sex appeal, leaving one confident, and even sultry, without harming animals.

To learn more, please visit or @ketoveganapparel on Instagram.

About The Founders

Jason Williams, a passionate entrepreneur, designer and orator, became a published Creative Director by the early age of 22 and worked with the likes of Toronto Star, Amoi Magazine, and Nikon Canada, climbing to the peak of his sales career in both Canada and the U.S energy sector. Born in humble beginnings in a Caribbean household, and forged from his mothers’ affinity to horticulture, Jason’s passion is to make his parents proud by leaving a legacy that helps humans and the environment. Jason is a vocal vegan and avid green thumb with nature and creation in his DNA. Service and purpose are central themes of his lifestyle.

Mary Williams, a passionate social servant, was born to modest parents. Raised a farmer’s daughter, her mother’s heart for local community and church instilled in her a deep value for social service, Mary values peace above all else. She enjoys spending time in nature and browsing the local farmers market together with her husband.

Media Contact
Company Name: Keto Vegan Apparel
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