Bristol, UK – Jasmin Mondata, an independent digital portrait artist, is empowering a new generation of individuals and brands with professional, world-class artwork that exceeds their creative visions. Embracing a style that is often described as vibrant, energetic, and playful, Jasmin has perfected the art of telling exciting and captivating stories through digital and print mediums – bringing the concepts in our heads to life with unparalleled clarity.

A professional with industry-leading software, including Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Cintiq 22HD, Jasmin has been leveraging her passion and creativity for several years. While experienced working with individual clients in the creation of high-end digital portraiture, Jasmin has also completed several digital artwork projects for corporate marketing campaigns, highlighting the unique feature and feelings of consumer products. Previous clients include ethical brands in the fashion, health and beauty industries. In each respective project, Jasmin’s artistic talent, creativity, and passion have shined prominently. An independent artist, Jasmin is free from the confines of a major agency, allowing her to stay true to her style and work process for the benefit of each client – individual or business. 

“Working with Jasmin is as effortless and enjoyable as you can imagine,” remarked a health and beauty client, Murphy, from London. “She likes to stay on top of communication, which is incredibly useful for us, as we’re unfortunately not always on the ball with everything going on. We’re a new start-up figuring things out along the way, so Jasmin has also been incredibly helpful keeping things low-key and confidential.”

Jasmin’s digital painting process is simple and streamlined. Clients can connect with her via her website and arrange a call to discuss ideas and visions for an upcoming project. Quotes are customized, ranging from £1,000 for digital portraits or art pieces for companies seeking commercial rights, or from £250 per portrait for individuals seeking personal-use rights. Digital files are included, with printing and third-party vendor assistance available for additional fees. The average turnaround time is less than one business week, though this is dependent on the project.

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Contact Person: Jasmin Mondata – Digital Artist
Phone: 07514968099
City: Bristol
State: Kingswood
Country: United Kingdom