New 35-zone ANDI Sweating Thermal Manikin with Active Cooling and Dynamic Heat Flux Sensing (DHS) is now available.

SEATTLE, WA and ST. GALLEN, SWITZERLAND, August 29, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Thermetrics officially introduced the new ANDI thermal manikin system today at the 12th International Meeting of Manikins and Modeling (12i3M), hosted by the Swiss research institute Empa, in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

The 35-zone ANDI sweating thermal manikin has been developed with the innovative features necessary for advanced thermal comfort research. Performance features exclusive to ANDI include Active Cooling and Dynamic Heat Flux Sensing (DHS). With this technology ANDI has the unrivaled ability to measure both positive and negative heat flux (heat loss and heat gain) and to respond to changing environmental conditions with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Negative heatflux (heat gain) application examples include ANDI’s ability to evaluate heated apparel, blankets, or seats, and the increasingly relevant issue of determining how a garment performs in high ambient temperatures or under strong solar loads. ANDI’s Active Cooling technology simulates the mass of a human without the weight penalty and allows the manikin to measure bi-directional heat transfer and calculate its impact on perceived thermal comfort – without the risk of overheating or losing control.

ANDI also provides a garment-centric pathway for researchers looking to quantify the cool-to-touch or warm-to-touch temperature buffering effect in fabrics containing Phase Change Materials. ANDI’s dynamic sensing capabilities make it the world’s only thermal manikin with the sensitivity to detect and calculate the transient properties of PCM textiles.

The sophisticated properties of today’s technical textiles have taken performance apparel far beyond the simple halcyon days of “wash-and-wear”. Traditional test methods and equipment are no longer adequate for the evaluation of these new fabrics. Thermetrics new ANDI system does everything a traditional thermal manikin can do, but this high-tech marvel pushes beyond the limitations of tradition to provide users with a versatile research tool that simulates human physiology in ways never before possible. It’s the manikin the world has been waiting for and it’s available now, from Thermetrics.

For over 30 years Thermetrics has manufactured a range of precision instruments for measuring and evaluating the thermal comfort of textiles, garments, and dynamic environments such as automobile, truck, and aircraft interiors. To learn more, contact Thermetrics at 206-456-9119, or send an email inquiry to [email protected].

Thermetrics (a subsidiary of Measurement Technology NW) designs and manufactures a wide range of advanced test instruments for measuring and evaluating the thermal characteristics of textiles, garments, and dynamic thermal environments such as automobile, truck, and aircraft interiors. The company’s comprehensive line of thermal manikins, guarded hotplates, and flame test systems support all major test standards for measuring thermal insulation, thermal protection, and moisture permeability values.

Will I be comfortable? Will I stay protected? Will I meet the standards?
Thanks to innovative test equipment and software from Thermetrics, you’ll know.

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