Change challenge is to remain faithful to the trust, says the Chief of Bread

The biggest problem of product innovation for small and medium businesses are sure to stay true to what they believe, says Sean Armstrong, director of Handcrafted.

Speaking in a video of the series leader NZ food and grocery stores, the challenge for companies is to make sure everything is innovative, whatever we do, we remain faithful to what we believe and that started us on a business trip.

Do not put anything in front of people who do not want to eat or to sell or buy. You can not sell something if you do not eat or you are not ready to buy. We want to make sure that when we get something before someone honest, faithful to what we believe.

He said the growth of innovation management is the most difficult challenge – to the people, apex or equipment, and even the sales force.

However the crucial thing is just to make sure we have seen, we forget where we come from and how to get there, and that is based on making good food, honest and make sure it did adapt well and that people liked,

He said the greatest innovation engine for bread, listen to your staff and customers then go with your instincts.

When we develop new products look at the basics and categories, what size to make, we believe there is room for growth to gone abroad. There are new materials that we can incorporate into their products and do some it special.

But a lot of things, honest is the intuition that is better than sitting in a room with people and creating something and people go, I was 20 years old when entering Grandma’s kitchen.