On July 14, 2020, Astra’s team is proud to announce that it has achieved an enormous milestone of 1 Million Downloads — thus becoming the fastest-growing premium WordPress theme in the market. 

In a market with more than 50,000+ free and premium WordPress themes, this is a significant milestone. Astra is the only premium theme other than WordPress.org’s default themes to achieve this unique breakthrough.

Launched in May 2017, it took Astra a little over three years (38 months) to hit this milestone. There are only a handful of WordPress software (plugins and themes) that have hit this 1 Million downloads milestone. 

“There is a huge gap between Astra and all others,” said William Patton, a WordPress Themes Team representative. “Hitting 1 million is pretty astounding honestly.”

The Astra Story

Astra is the brainchild of web development agency Brainstorm Force, based in Pune, India. Cofounder Sujay Pawar has been an avid developer since 18, who later created Brainstorm Force in 2010 to help companies (both locally and internationally) to develop and launch websites. 

Sujay Pawar and the Brainstorm Force team have always been active members of the WordPress community since the beginning. They have partnered with other WordPress softwares, attending and speaking at WordCamp events, etc. Brainstorm Force’s extensive experience working with 100s of clients revealed a massive gap in the market when it comes to secure and fast WordPress themes.

As Google also started prioritizing page speed in 2014, it became evident that the team had to search for a better theme than what their clients were using. The search led them to look internally. 

Years of development experience and the knowledge of the marketplace encouraged Brainstorm Force to create their lightweight WordPress theme. Thus, Astra was born and launched in May 2017, spun off as an independent company since then. 

Astra’s goal was to create a theme focused on speed plus other sought out factors such as security, integrations, customizations, design options, templates, ease-of-use, etc. The goal was also to enable web-developers and agencies to create WordPress websites in a shorter time than it usually took them.

Since launch, Astra has received numerous positive and constructive feedback from their client base. By quickly acting on this feedback and continually innovating, Astra has improved and enhanced the software. This continuous-and-never-ending-improvement is evident in their fast-growth, i.e., from 0 downloads to a million-downloads in 38 months.

Sujay Pawar, Cofounder of Astra and Brainstorm Force, says — “It’s a fantastic achievement for Astra. We are one of the rare WordPress themes to have achieved a 1 Million+ active installs milestone. The only other themes to achieve this milestone are the default themes from WordPress.org.” 

“The WordPress website theme market is a competitive one made up of more 11,000+ options. With our vast resources and deep understanding of the WordPress industry, our growth plan will make Astra even stronger. “

“Our mission has always been — To cut down your web development time in half. It is evident that we are on track to achieve this goal by the numerous testimonials and case studies we have received from our clients.”

Astra also understands that it is critical to provide customers with connection & integration options to other popular WordPress softwares. Thus, they have added seamless integrations with Elementor, Brizzy, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, WooCommerce, LearnDash, etc., and this list is growing.

What’s Next for Astra?

As Astra grows its rapid growth and wins more customers, they are constantly exposing themselves to new ideas and feature requests from the growing user community.  

All of this will enable Astra to create new updates and features continually. Since Astra’s launch in May 2017, they have already added 100+ new updates and features to make the platform more user-friendly. Astra has also created 100s of full-functional and intuitive starter-templates that enable web developers and agencies to speed up their website-building team. 

The team at Astra has no interest in slowing down. The team is gearing up for the next major milestone (5 Million Downloads). There are less than two-dozen WordPress software (themes and plugins) that have ever achieved the 5-Million-downloads milestone. Astra is aiming to hit that milestone in the next 2-3 years, probably sooner. 

Besides, the team is also working on further enhancement and feature improvements (improved menus, enhanced headers, design updates, WordPress Gutenberg updates, etc.) and additional new integrations (bbPress and BuddyPress).

About Brainstorm Force:

Brainstorm Force is the dynamic team behind innovative web development products that power more than 2 Million+ websites. The flagship product is the fastest-growing Premium WordPress theme, Astra.  Brainstorm Force is headquartered in Pune, India, and the team of 60 employees is collectively working together to create innovative and state-of-the-art technologies to make website building fast and seamless.

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