We can finally make the official announcement about the rumored series I Can’t Help You. Halleloo Productions will be producing the series I Can’t Help You, which will star the famed Australian actress Lilly Dennis.  While the rest of the cast is yet to be announced the series is said to be directed by Ian Ogily and shot in New York City.  I Can’t Help You has been greenlit for three seasons so far and will be released on to Amazon Prime streaming service. 

Actress Lilly Dennis at red carpet event in LA

The story follows the journey of a young Felicity Boon, played by Lilly Dennis, who is an eccentric Australian, confused and unorthodox therapist.  This young crazed therapist navigates being a therapist in New York City and treating her one and only patient.  However, the catch is that this one patient has severe multi-personality disorder and Felicity decides to treat each personality as a different patient… Which makes for some very funny and unnerving episodes.  The series is said to be compared to the likes of shows such as New Girl or Schitts Creek. 

This series is obviously a comedic series and is set to be the next comedic show to hit our screens in the next few years.   While there is obviously a lot of comedic elements to this premise, the release stated that I Can’t Help You is a reflection to how society today treats mental illness and the series is setting out to erase the stigma attached with that.  More is said to be released about the project latter in the summer and we promise to keep you updated on this exciting new comedic series.