New Smyrna Beach, FL – The Heroic Hearts Project, a proprietary program for veterans interested in pursuing psychedelic treatment options for mental health conditions, has announced the launch of a new branch in the United Kingdom. An important expansion for veterans, the new UK branch will ensure local veterans have access to the Heroic Hearts Projects’ top-rated services and care options, so their mental health needs can be adequately met with prompt, specifically tailored care. 

Headed by Keith Abraham (CEO), the new UK branch of the Heroic Hearts Project will help military and emergency services veterans in the UK, who often struggle with mental traumas, access revolutionary psychedelic therapy options around the world. After many failed attempts to utilize recovery techniques offered by the UK’s National Health Service or veterans’ charities, the Heroic Hearts Project identified a need for its services in the country, and is excited to launch in this region. Emerging to spread awareness in veterans’ communities and end the harmful dependence on pharmaceuticals to treat mental traumas, Heroic Hearts Project is leading the way with alternative plant-based options, like entheogens, that have already been bringing success to veterans worldwide.

“Ayahuasca and other plant-based medicines will lead the next generation of psychotherapy,” remarked Jesse Gould, Founder and President of the Heroic Hearts Project. “We will not stop fighting until veterans around the world get the mental health therapy options that they deserve. The time is now to support this struggling community, and we are proud to be expanding to the UK to empower military and emergency services veterans.”

With the launch of the UK branch announced, the Heroic Hearts Project is now in the process of expanding to Canada. A completed expansion is expected later this year.

About The Heroic Hearts Project

The Heroic Hearts Project is a non-profit, charitable organization that connects veterans with psychedelic treatment options for mental health traumas, including PTSD. Working with retreat centers around the world, Heroic Hearts Project has been helping veterans overcome obstacles to success. A proud partner of the veterans’ community, the organization has also provided more than $200,000 in financial scholarships to veterans who are struggling financially.

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