“When approached to come on as Executive Producers for FOLLOWED, we thought it would do well across various demos. Even though it was released during the pandemic we believed this film with a great marketing & distribution strategy would be a hit.”

ATLANTA, GA, September 01, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Co-Ceo Len Gibson and Co-CEO Wayne Overstreet of GO Media Productions partnered with 20+year film veterans Grant Cramer and Chad Doher. Cramer producer of hit films “Lone Survivor,” “2 Guns etc;” entrepreneur and producer Chad Doher both of Global Pictures Media. All four men formed Global View Entertainment. Global View released “Followed” in over 50 drive in theaters throughout the U.S. and finished number 1 for two consecutive weeks.

The Producers Channel editor sat down with Len Gibson and Wayne Overstreet to talk about the great news; the movie FOLLOWED will be released on all digital platforms September 1st.

How did the GO Media Principals become involved in the project?

“When we were approached to come on as Executive Producers for “Followed” we thought it would do well across various demos. Although it was released during the pandemic we believed a good film coupled with a great marketing and distribution strategy could be a hit. We decided to take a chance and it’s paying off, said Gibson and Overstreet.”

About the Movie:

The Followed movie protagonist, “DropTheMike,” is an aspiring social media influencer with a problem. He needs to surpass 50,000 followers before the end of Halloween weekend in order to lock down a lucrative sponsorship opportunity. And he’s willing to do just about anything to seal the deal—including spending the entire weekend at the notorious Hotel Lennox.

Hotel Lennox, inspired by LA’s infamous Cecil Hotel, was once called home by serial killer David Olmos, who killed and dismembered 14 people. The hotel has also seen a slew of grisly suicides and mysterious disappearances, including that of Canadian tourist Meghan Kim who was last seen on Hotel Lennox’s elevator cameras.

The would-be social star and his crew promptly head to Hotel Lennox, but even before they check in DropTheMike starts pushing the envelope by securing them the same room David Olmos occupied. And the spirits at Hotel Lennox are more than happy to respond.

“There’s no such thing as spirits and ghosts….” says the DropTheMike lead actor (Matthew Solomon) in Followed.

One-by-one, DropTheMike’s crew starts to realize that Hotel Lennox is the real deal—true evil. And while DropTheMike may get his 50,000 followers before the end of the weekend, it isn’t clear whether any of them will make it out alive to enjoy their new found Internet fame.

The Followed movie marries technology with found footage style storytelling to create a unique viewing experience best known as “Screen Life Genre.” These are stories told through a computer screen capture, which began with the horror film, The Den before spreading to other, non-horror films like the 2018 thriller, Searching.

This is the first film to tell a story through vlog posts shared over the Internet à la “Creepypasta.” In addition to being a horror film, Followed is a social commentary on how far people will go to become so-called social media influencers and gain followers, putting themselves and others in danger and engaging in controversial stunts.

Followed also received accolades for “Winner of the Best Horror/Thriller Feature at 2018’s Burbank International Film Festival, great reviews by Rotten Tomatoes, Zombie Grrlz, Popternative and several blogs, radio shows and media outlets.

Please support the streaming on all digital platforms September 1st. In the meantime check out the trailer https://followedhorrormovie.com/trailer/

In 2019 Len Gibson partnered with producer and post–production guru Wayne Overstreet, Co-CEO to launch GO Media Productions. Len Gibson along with Overstreet; together they garnered a $150 Million Dollar partnership with DCR Finance Corp (As featured in Variety) for Feature Film Post Production and Film & Television Financing.

This deal became the largest known post-production deal historically in the state of Georgia. Recently GO Media Productions added distribution, marketing and print advertising to their portfolio after discovering a huge need to fill the gap that film projects were missing.

For more information please visit Go Media Productions website. For media inquiries please contact us via email at info@GoMedia.Productions or call 1(844)4GO-MEDIA 1.844.446.6334.

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