Feter Lifestyle LLC has announced a new mobile application, Feter Lifestyle, for iOS and Android devices. A leader in travel, entertainment, and connection, Feter Lifestyle is highlighting Trinidad Carnival and Caribbean events around the United States and aboard with the world’s first Caribbean Carnival-focused social media platform. 

Developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Feter Lifestyle was created to empower the Caribbean with a new, engaging, and interactive social media experience. Together, people from around the world can come together and unite as Caribbean’s and lovers of the culture while the pandemic forces carnivals to cancel or move online during such challenging and unprecedented times.

A one-stop-shop for all things related to Trinidad Carnival, Feter Lifestyle now showcases all Caribbean island festivities and carnivals, including recent Labor Day parades in Brooklyn, New York, and carnivals in Miami, Toronto and abroad. A free platform where Caribbean culture is proudly on display, Feter Lifestyle encourages users to post freely and frequently to connect and share images. With Feter Lifestyle, find a comprehensive guide to the carnival and Caribbean social lifestyles. Access and discover the hottest artists in the industry and get booking and contact information in-app. Browse carnival costumes from around the world, with detailed images, origin stories, and registration options, and read exclusive interviews on carnival influence. Additionally, enjoy an in-app music player that links the best soca hits for the current carnival year.

To learn more, please visit FeterLifestyle.com.

About Feter Lifestyle

Feter Lifestyle is a new social media platform uniting the Caribbean by bringing attention to Trinidad Carnival and Caribbean events around the world.  Developed by Husun Davis, a Caribbean American from Brooklyn, New York, Feter Lifestyle is creating an interactive and engaging experience for Caribbean people where they can stay connected with traditional festivals and events worldwide. 

To learn more, please visit FeterLifestyle.com.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Husun Davis
Email: FeterLifestyle@icloud.com
Country: United States
Website: https://feterlifestyle.com