eloPitch is looking to raise an additional $500,000 to complete the development of its app after securing an endorsement from the Virginia Secretary of Education.

Woodbridge, VA – eloPitch, a new social hiring tool, has announced that it recently completed a $50,000 angel investment round. The Northern Virginia startup has released the Beta version of its application to early acclaim, earning a promising endorsement from the Virginia Secretary of Education for its revolutionary approach to hiring in the process. On the eve of this announcement, eloPitch is also looking to raise $500,000 to complete the development of its Android and iOS apps.

“We were excited to host our pre-launch event in Tysons, Virginia, this past April,” remarked Ehtasham Ejaz, Founder and CEO of eloPitch. “It was an honor to have our chief guest, Atif Qarni, the Virginia Secretary of Education, in attendance. Secretary Qarni called this platform a game-changer for millennials who will no longer have to go through the traditional process for preparing resumes and writing cover letters.”


A powerful new hiring and recruitment tool, eloPitch leverages the power of social hiring with video resumes and elevator-style pitches for job candidates and prospects. As over 90 percent of employers begin to embrace social hiring in their hiring and recruitment practices, eloPitch leverages this approach and supplements traditional resumes with an elevator pitch, or eloPitch, which is a Snapchat-like video that makes finding employment more natural than ever before. The resulting marketplace of video pitches allows employers and recruiters to search and scan candidates in less than one minute to gain insight into their personality, style, and qualifications. The app will also provide stats using artificial intelligence to perform non-verbal evaluations of facial cues or indicators.

“Video technology is a powerful new tool in the hiring process,” commented Liang Huang, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of eloPitch. “We are excited to share our Beta version of the app for free with employers, recruiters, and job seekers nationwide as we pursue additional funding for continued development.”

eloPitch refocuses the hiring and recruitment process on the candidate, ignoring the long-outdated process that reduced candidates to a piece of paper that made it difficult for candidates to judge a candidate’s effectiveness and determine whether they would be hired. As the world continues to change and evolve, so too does hiring and recruitment for jobs in local, regional, and national economies.

eloPitch is excited to be at the forefront of this evolution with its powerful new hiring and recruitment platform that embraces the digital age, empowers candidates and employers, and evolves to meet the growing needs of the marketplace.

“We have brought decades of development and design experience to this project,” remarked Nabeel Malik, Vice President of eloPitch. “The platform will quickly become the leading hiring and recruitment tool for the younger generation, including Millennials and Generation Z, who see the process differently.” 

To learn more, please visit eloPitch.com. A Beta version of the app is now available for free on the iOS App Store.

Investors: onepager.vc/elopitch

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