DTH is a one-of-a-kind platform that works to connect fashion, music, sneakers, and social justice.

In 2020, when many businesses and institutions were shutting down, Darius “HYPE” Leon started working on a new idea. He wanted to create a platform that would be run by everyday people, and dedicated to showcasing more complex stories that he didn’t see represented in mainstream media outlets. Working with a team of visionaries, Leon started working on Debate the Hype (DTH), and creating an online space where he and his team could break barriers. 

Leon collaborated with Don Newkirk, Karl McIntyre, and Lloyd Barnes on this project, basing it out of the MiCasa NYC studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The show focuses on bringing something new and fresh in the media space — discovering new brands, promoting entrepreneurs, and showcasing up-and-coming artists. The show runs on the motto “For the culture, by the culture,” always staying in tune with what its community is looking for and what its audience has to say. 

Season 1 of the show asks, “Is it worth the Hype?” It works to question societal expectations, start important conversations, and dig deeper into cultural issues. The platform also makes sure to combine the importance of cultural impact with creating a fun and interesting show that people will love to watch. 

“Creating the show has been rewarding, to say the least,” said Leon, also speaking about his experience of funding the show himself. 

Darius Leon has always been a person who bets on himself, and Debate the Hype is no different. The platform is coming confident into the media space, with something to say, and a determination to bring the creativity of their culture and community into the spotlight. 

Find Debate the Hype on Youtube, and follow them on Instagram @Debatethehype

Media Contact
Company Name: Debate The Hype
Email: Team@DebateTheHype.co
Country: United States
Website: https://infratrader.com/Debatethehype