Trying new bars to have a couple of drinks or to have a hangout with friends is always fun, but sadly it is difficult to recall the name of the bar a few months later. Barzz is an amazing app that eases the problem effortlessly. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, it let you find bars across the place of your location in the United States of America. Moreover, it also allows you to share your favorite bar with your friends over the popular social networking sites, i.e. Facebook or Twitter. Of course, to mark a bar as favorite, you need to create an account. There are many apps as the restaurant finder and only a few to find bars. Barzz fills up this void with over 30,000 bar listings.

The bars industry in the US, including pubs, lounges, and taverns, is worth $19.9 billion in 2016, which gives the idea of the number of bars that are spread all over the country. And the Barzz App covers all the major cities of the US. Developed by the recognized service provider for the bar and nightclub industry, the app deserves some words of praise.

User-friendly interface

To find a bar, you need to type the bar name in the search bar. The bar details will soon display on your screen. However, if you desire to visit a bar that your friends have recommended, or that you have visited in the past but not able to recall the name, the Barzz app lets you locate its address within a few seconds. The app offers various search criteria based on which you can easily find a bar of your choice.

You can search a bar based on distance. Personally, I find this criterion immensely helpful to enjoy a few drinks in a good bar irrespective of my location anywhere in the states. You can also search a bar based on its type. For example, if you are planning a date and looking for a bar for the right ambiance, there are lounges and if you desire to dance and drink, there are nightclubs too in the bar listing of this app. The app also allows its users to search a bar organizing events and bar specials. Is not the app awesome?

Moreover, you can just view the bars in your desired location on a local map or can give priority to a bar that you have liked to create a buzz with just a tap of your finger! Bar owners can also easily add their bar name along with details like venue, menu and other things in a hassle free to manner to promote the same and reaching their target customers.

“The Barzz app has great content, a user friendly design, and offers an opportunity for customers to find information on the bar scenes in their hometown or while traveling to an unfamiliar city. The app is a valuable tool for bar managers aiming to expand their marketing reach to attract new customers”

Visually appealing design

The app does not lack in visual appeal and has an eye-catching combination of different shades of brown and white. The consistency in design and readable fonts makes this app quite aesthetic in the very first glance. Easy to navigate, the best part of the Barzz app is its minimalistic design. There are number of features that makes the app more beautiful.

  1. Location Specific Search
  2. Interactive Maps
  3. Buzz Up
  4. Showcases Events
  5. Get to Know the Specials
  6. Complete Menus
  7. Favorite the Best Bars
  8. Share with Your Friends


Those who like to drink must install the wonderful Barzz app on their mobile devices. After all, with such an app to assist you in finding bars based on amenities and types in your desired location, there is no reason to have boredom.

Download the App now from Playstore and App store.