The Barber Shop Marketing shares a social media checklist that can keep your message on target and consistent

DALLAS, TX, March 11, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — The gateway to the digitally savvy consumer is a careful balance of brand positioning in real life, through social media and traditional voicing amplified in a digital work. In each of these cases, consistency is key. One of the most important of these mediums that grows year after year is utilizing social media for your brand. As you create your social strategies, it’s important to remember that building and maintaining a brand’s identity with the help of social media is only as good as each and every activity that collectively compromises a campaign.

Amy Hall, president of Dallas-based The Barber Shop Marketing says, “We all have great intentions at the start of each new year, but without staying on top of the marketing and advertising initiatives we so dutifully begin, it’s impossible to evaluate effectiveness and alignment for each brand.”

Because it’s crucial to keep campaigns working together holistically, each medium must follow, at the least, a basic guideline for staying on track throughout each campaign’s timeframe. Considering the explosive growth of the digital world and the climbing number of users on social media, many advertisers and business owners can become overwhelmed and unsure of where to focus their day-to-day activities when managing social media accounts, much less where to even start! It’s for this reason that it’s important to start with a basic guideline for building and maintaining your social strategy.

Before you begin planning any campaigns and content for social media, take a step back and audit your profiles to determine strengths and where there’s room for growth. From there, establish achievable goals. As you brainstorm, keep goals specific and determine how they should be measured, how attainable they are and their relevancy. Finally, give yourself or your team a deadline. Every goal needs a deadline. When you decide your goals, define your audience and what platforms you would benefit from. From this point, it’s time to start building out your brand and framing a strategy. You should design content, utilize posting and editorial calendars, research competitors, define keywords and trends, and utilize management tools for consistency in scheduling, community management, analysis, performance tracking and reporting.

Once you’ve outlined your goals and built the framework, you should be proactive every day to stay on track. As a basic starting point that is easy to build on, the following is a simple checklist to tackle managing your accounts smartly and efficiently.

Social Media Checklist:

Every day
• Ensure scheduled posts are live and correct
• Perform community management and responding
• Monitor brand mentions, engagement and sentiment
• Listen and track keywords, topics, news and trends
• If you have ads, monitor their performance and spend

Every week
• Research content sourcing
• Sync with other team’s goals and activities
• Identify competitor’s latest strengths and weaknesses
• Identify influencers
• Track and analyze results of any campaigns within the strategy

Every month
• Update the editorial calendar as needed
• Schedule posts per platform as needed (This can be performed weekly)
• Analyze and update strategy based on results
• Analyze competitor social strategies and compare performance
• Identify your successes and utilize the data for future content and campaigns
• Select weak points and optimize
• Measure the efficacy of your promotional and nurture content ratio

Every quarter
• Review and evaluate last quarter KPIs
• Ensure brand image is consistent across mediums
• Conduct audience analysis to keep messages aimed correctly
• Set goals and KPIs for next quarter

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