Methods that can be used to make business more open and trustworthy for people

SINGAPORE, November 23, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Nowadays, companies are fighting for the attention of customers. Different methods are being used: from special bonuses and referral programs to black PR campaigns and overt competition (the last two examples can cause more harm to reputation than good, please, do not try them).

However, in this article, readers’ attention will be drawn to another option. This method takes a lot of effort and time, but it will allow companies to build up their client bases and create communities that are committed to these companies and will recommend them to other people.

This option is the creation of reliable stable relations with clients, gradually earning their trust, which may later turn clients into brand ambassadors.

To form this kind of relationship, businesses need to follow these principles:

Always be in touch

Many different issues arise during work processes. In order not to accumulate problems and not turn them into dissatisfaction, companies need to solve them promptly. At AdCombo there are always managers, PR department employees, and Telegram bots that help customers to solve their problems during the day, at night, and even on weekends.

Tell about companies’ shortcomings

In any company, even with a long history and great expertise, some processes can be improved. It is worth sharing them with customers. This way companies psychologically become closer and more understandable for people. Yes, disadvantages can be turned into advantages, and it works! For example, recently, there was an article in the AdCombo blog where The Head of the Affiliate Department talked about the internal processes during the work and shared some things that should be improved.

Introduce customers to the company’s employees

From a psychological point of view, it’s always easier for a customer to ask a question to someone they already know. If employees often appear in articles, on social networks, and at various conferences, people trust the company’s brand more. And they recommend it to others more often. Blog articles can do a lot to familiarize customers and employees. AdCombo started a series of articles where it consistently introduces the company’s employees to a wide audience. The blog’s statistics have shown high interest in such publications.

To summarize, companies should talk to customers openly and honestly, and introduce the general public to employees. Then create a community of customers who trust the company and recommend it to others. It affects both the reputation and the profits of the company!

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