A globally acclaimed leader, a keynote speaker, author, and a Women’s Career Success Coach, Christy Rutherford recently published “Corporate Feminology” which features 18 Harvard Business School Alumnae. The book demonstrates ambitious women around the globe who have similar challenges in life in their pursuit of success. Every woman shares the actions they took to be fruitful and the obstacles they overcame in their quest for success. The book empowers women by preparing them to defeat copious obstacles such as stress, discrimination, and sexism, and will aid women across the globe with excelling in their professional and personal lives.

In the midst of the #metoo movement, women around the globe are continuing to rise in leadership and positions of power despite sexism, discrimination, stress and subtle ways to stop their promotions. In the unique collaboration, Christy Rutherford, speaker and author and 18 other beautiful and extraordinary women share their inspiration and personal stories of success. Such uplifting and empowering stories by women from all walks of life, have conquered challenges, solved issues, or transformed their lives for the better will help anyone find their own inner resilience, empowerment, and strength, and remind them to count their blessings, think positive, and take advantage of the power which they have within them to inspire and empower others.

Christy Rutherford is sought-after for publishing five #1 best-selling books on Amazon within just eight months. A Harvard Business School Alumna and certified Executive Leadership Coach from Georgetown University, she helps leaders with seeing a more excellent version of themselves and untying the web which life has knitted around them. She was also the 13th African American woman to accomplish the rank of Commander – equivalent to Lieutenant Colonel – in the United States Coast Guard’s 225+ history. Christy responded to the needs of the citizens in New Orleans two days after the Hurricane Katrina and earned a 3-year Congressional Fellowship with the House of Representatives.

When Christy was asked why she wrote and published Corporate Feminology, she said, “I wrote it to give women the roadmap to success. Also, to let younger women know about the obstacles they will face and to let more mature women know that they are not alone in their challenges.”

Readers from all ages will enjoy featured successful stories from 18 Harvard Business School Alumnae, representing 13 nations, sharing their insight on the commonalities of highly successful women – actions needed to be successful and obstacles encountered.

Corporate Feminology is now available for sale on https://www.corporatefeminology.com. Interested readers can purchase the E-Book/PDF Format for only $9.99 while the Print Book Format is available for $19.97 plus shipping.

About Christy Rutherford:

Christy Rutherford is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, coach, and author. Christy’s academic portfolio also includes an MBA and a pastry chef diploma. Among her many professional accomplishments, her national recognition includes Harvard Business School’s 2018 Launching New Ventures Pitch Contest Grand Master Champion, Cambridge Who’s Who Amongst Executives and Professionals, Career Communications STEM Technology All-Star and the Edward R. Williams Award for Excellence In Diversity.

For more information about Christy’s Corporate Feminology, call her at 703-201-6511 or visit https://www.corporatefeminology.com.

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