After struggling with the vicious cycle of procrastination, Anne Turner dedicated herself to finding a way to help others make time for the important things in their lives.

In an age where working from home has given people more control over their time, many are struggling to organize their daily responsibilities, activities, and aspirations. 6 Brix founder Anne Turner has faced a lifetime battle with procrastination, often finding it almost impossible to get started on the work in front of her, let alone make progress on her bucket list projects. When she started to see her son encountering the same challenges, she knew she had to do something. As a result of her quest to learn more about procrastination and think through ways to approach it, she developed 6 Brix to help others organize their time and achieve their goals.

6 Brix is designed to prompt users to identify their most important goals, prioritize them, and set aside regular time to work on them. 6 Brix is simple to set up and use, keeping the focus where it belongs—on making progress on users’ most important projects. The app allows people to break the vicious cycle of procrastination, bypassing the dread and inertia with small, doable steps—called “brix.” Brix appear for completion on the days users set, but the scheduling of brix on those days is completely flexible. Even if a user’s day doesn’t go as planned, brix can be accomplished wherever they fit. The app tracks progress as users complete brix, and users earn rewards for their achievements. Users can also bring friends and family into their journey by sharing progress on social media.

“When you have trouble getting started on something, and it persists day after day, you can build up a real mental barrier,” said Turner. “6 Brix allows you to start small and ease into the work. Adding small accomplishments each day can change your life.”

6 Brix is designed to help anyone achieve their goals without being derailed by procrastination. From students to workers, writers, musicians, and hobbyists, everyone has the potential to succeed at their work, complete passion projects, find time for hobbies, or do anything that makes them feel fulfilled and happy.

More information on 6 Brix can be found on the 6Brix website.

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