Day: January 29, 2018

Ron Zemp Does It Again Launching a Third Longevity Medical Group Location in Santa Monica California

Portland, OR, January 29, 2018 –(– Ron & Jennifer Zemp capitalize on a growing market. The global aesthetic/cosmetic lasers market is estimated to grow 10.2 percent during the forecast period, to reach USD 1,132.7 million by 2021. "Consumers should have choices when their machines break down," says Ron Zemp. Longevity Medical Group will be affordable without lengthy warranty contracts. Ron Zemp launches Longevity Medical Group's third location, a laser repair company. Ron Zemp says, "It is time to provide repair services to clinics who cannot afford hefty manufacturer warranties." Med spas, laser centers, medical practices and plastic surgeons across the globe have bought lasers from laser manufacturers and paid to have extended warranties. When aesthetic lasers break down it can be devastating to a business whose clientele has paid for the service. Longevity Medical Group gives the consumer an alternative when their manufacturer warranty runs out with locations in Las Vegas, Nevada and Santa Monica, California. Longevity Medical Group services and repairs cosmetic lasers, cosmetic laser handpieces, and IPL equipment. Ron Zemp from Portland, Oregon decides to launch his third location in the heart of the cosmetic laser industry in Santa Monica, CA. Aesthetic laser systems and IPL equipment often break down or experience software failures to their computerized components. Replacing equipment can be costly; however, with properly trained and certified technicians, non-functioning cosmetic laser equipment can be readily...

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Louisiana Man Gets Charges Dismissed for Using Facebook;

Houston, TX, January 29, 2018 –(– Raymond Jakubielski, through, hired Attorney Nicolas Linder to represent their client and helped him prove that he had the right to access social media although he was still on probation. After five court appearances, the charges were finally dropped. The court determined that it was unconstitutional to bar Mr. Jakubielski from using Facebook. The Reaction of John Bordelon, President of, was delighted with the decision by the court and stated that Mr. Jakubielski was merely utilizing Facebook to find employment. Mr. Bordelon further noted that the community should not summarily dismiss individuals without giving them the benefit of the doubt. Justice without oversight leads to inconsistent outcomes. In Louisiana, sex offenders must keep off social media websites as mandated by the law. For an internet site to pass as a social media networking site, the service must permit persons to create profile pages that are available to the general public. The site must also facilitate communication among users. Websites which have instant messaging, photo-sharing capabilities or electronic mail don't qualify as social media sites. For intent, the person must attempt to contact other users. If found in violation of the statutes, the offender can be fined up to ten thousand dollars, or imprisoned with hard labor for a limit of ten years, without parole or probation. Restrictions and the Freedom...

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Leading Financial Services Marketplace, Raises $3 M From SRI Capital, Others

Bangalore, India, January 29, 2018 –(– has raised $3 Million from SRI Capital, a US-based early stage venture capital fund. Existing investors – Hyderabad Angels – and others also participated in this round. has been a pioneer in serving hundreds of thousands of middle income people who are deprived of unbiased financial information and education. The company will use this new investment to augment its capacity to educate about 100,000 people every day. Currently, the company educates about 18,000 people every day. In the next 2-3 years, the company will ensure that its consumers get education, transactional guidance, ability to transact and custodian services in one place. The company plans to accomplish all these without watering down its core competency of being an unbiased support to the consumer. C S Sudheer – CEO & Founder said, "Since inception the company has been a pioneer in empowering the common man with much needed financial education in easy to comprehend language. All you need to do is to just leave a missed call on our helpline no 022-6181-6111 and relax. We now employ people across length and breadth of the country and educate 18,000 people every day. We provide our consumers unbiased access to over 15,000 retail financial intermediaries." There are estimated to be about 4 million retail financial intermediaries in India., which runs Lead Market mobile application,...

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2018 Financial Trends Predict Slow, But Steady Market Growth

Zurich, Switzerland, January 29, 2018 –(– After a shaky 2017, the global market is anticipating growth. Unique Finance, a global investment and financial planning firm, shares three predictions for 2018. With the rise of cryptocurrency and fall of the value of the British Pound, 2017 brought its fair shares of highs and lows. In 2018, the market is showing signs of stabilizing growth. Here are three trends that will set the tone for this year: 1. Increase in global trade. According to the World Trade Organization, 2018 will see a jump in trade growth between 2-4 percent. At its highest, trade growth increase will be more than double the 1.3 percent growth in 2016. 2. Debt becomes more expensive, saving becomes more profitable. According to, the Federal Reserve is expected to announce three interest-rate hikes in 2018. Variable-rate debt will get more expensive to maintain. However, those who save will reap the benefits. At best, savings accounts will yield up to 2.3 percent, a significant jump from 1.5 percent today. 3. Cryptocurrency will grow. In 2017, the Bitcoin’s introduction was met with some trepidation. This year, the market will see an increase in interest around cryptocurrencies, even introducing new ones, like Ethereum. Known as “Bitcoin II,” Ethereum is generally accepted more by financial institutions. “Overall, the global financial market will see some rebounds in key areas,” said Chris...

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Co-Create a Sonic Healing Wave for Earth on February 14

Boulder, CO, January 29, 2018 –(– World Sound Healing Day is a global event designed to help bring balance to the planet. With the Earth, its waters and its people in such a dramatic situation of crisis, Jonathan Goldman and others believe that the use of intentionalized sound, such as occurs on World Sound Healing Day, is quantum in nature. On this day, hundreds of thousands of people throughout the planet will vocalize an “AH” sound as a sonic valentine to the Earth. This “AH” sound can dramatically shift the consciousness of those on our planet from one of competition to cooperation–allowing us to work together to create solutions for these problems. Goldman invites you to help co-create planetary and personal transformation during World Sound Healing Day, Wednesday, February 14, 2018. And to view and share the latest World Sound Healing Day event information, activities and video at The purpose of World Sound Healing Day is: To heal our planet To heal our waters To raise our consciousness Tune in to a free global World Sound Healing Day 2-hour radio show on February 14, 2018 at 11 am ET (US) with hosts Jonathan and Andi Goldman. The planet-wide broadcast includes a live Global Sonic Activation and excerpts of Healing Sound Radio guests talking about global consciousness and global healing. Featured are sound scientists and renowned teachers/authors Dr....

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