Day: January 23, 2018

New eBook Sheds Light on Hollywood’s Unknown Secrets of Independent Film

Irvine, CA, January 23, 2018 –(– Multi Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Shane Stanley (Gridiron Gang, Mistrust) is releasing "What You Don't Learn in Film School: A Complete Guide to (Independent) Filmmaking,” a no holds barred, transparent look at making movies from concept to delivery, a compilation of his 30 plus years of producing films at both the studio and independent level. Stanley, who spends time between productions speaking at film schools across the country, sees a trend in what many students aren’t being taught. “It’s not the lack of curriculum or inept educators,” he says “…it’s the fact there’s only so much you can teach in the classroom and it isn’t until these students go out into the world that they realize how much they really don’t know. It’s overwhelming and often discouraging forcing many recent grads to throw in the towel and seek alternative career paths.” It’s evident that Stanley is trying to help bridge the gap between the classroom and real life by giving the next generation of filmmakers as much ammunition as possible before they venture out into Hollywood. But this book isn’t just for students – it’s for anyone trying to carve out a career in the film or television industry. Stanley, a two-time Emmy Award winner and four-time nominee before the age of 18, notes “…it’s what happened between then and now that has shaped...

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PanIQ Escape Room in Houston

Houston, TX, January 23, 2018 –(– In the past few years live escape games became leading team-building programs and tourist attractions as well as a top activity for friend and family outings all over the world. PanIQ Room Entering the market in 2014, PanIQ Room Hollywood opened one of the first escape room venues in the US with two themes. After the great success and feedback, PanIQ Room became an officially registered escape room franchise which started to expand quickly. Houston – New location, new themes PanIQ Escape Room Houston is the latest installation of live escape games from PanIQ Room. Guests are welcome from 10 AM to 11 PM every day to a perfect urban location close to Hwy 59, I-45 and Loop 610. The Historic Midtown location is one block from Houston’s new Light Rail and the famous Theater District, minutes from Astros or Texas game, shops and boutiques. It’s right next door to the art galleries and the best restaurants in town. Their superb game designs and authentic atmosphere will immerse you back into the old West, the horror of the Chainsaw Massacre, and a Military Bunker lockdown. Although each room is different in setting the main objective remains the same: work together as an effective team in order to complete your mission before time runs out. It is the 10th location in the US launched...

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Banker Investments Disrupts the Global Real Estate Investment Market

Valley Cottage, NY, January 23, 2018 –(– Banker Investments, an equity-rich real estate investment services provider has disrupted the global real estate investment market by delivery of innovative business models and investment solutions targeted at improving overall performance. Banker investments is a New York based investment company established with the primary aim of empowering its investors through formulation of a robust platform and a ground-breaking paradigm shift which will fundamentally transform how the real estate investment services business is performed. In the bid to achieve this aim, Banker investments offers stable and effective business solutions that combine strong property acquisition performance with a value-oriented asset management approach leading to the empowerment of the investors. Leveraging rich equity and comprehensive real estate expertise, Banker investments has succeeded in securing properties that offer its customers and business partners steady and sustainable income leading to their satisfaction, positive reviews and referrals. This expertise is unparalleled as the team at Banker investments has above 15 years of industrial experience working in many facets of the real estate market. Commercial, private, management, and even post purchase assistance are all features of the team at the company. Banker investments offers many services to its valued clients in both the residential and commercial real estate markets worldwide. The company offers all-inclusive real estate investment services that create and add value for the investors throughout all phases...

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Stemedix, Inc. Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary

St. Petersburg, FL, January 23, 2018 –(– Stemedix, Inc. launched on January 23, 2013 in a stem cell industry that was in its early stages of performed regenerative medicine treatments after it was observed that stem cells could offer therapeutic regeneration in a 2012 clinical study by John Hopkins University and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Stem cell research has progressed rapidly over these past five years and many studies are continuously being conducted and captured in scientific journals. Stemedix, Inc. not only has the goal to offer industry leading regenerative medicine treatment options, but to also be an educator of what stem cells are, their capabilities, and the possible benefits that may result from a regenerative medicine treatment to help strengthen stem cell awareness and knowledge. As a two-year award recipient by the St. Petersburg Award Program for the Best of St. Petersburg Award in the Medical Center category, Stemedix, Inc. continues their vision to be a trusted and educational resource for those researching and considering adult stem cell treatment. “It makes me proud to announce this milestone achievement for our company. I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for our patients who entrusted us to be a part of their journey and are touched by those who continue to keep us a part of their lives,” said Fred Palmer, director of operations, at Stemedix, Inc....

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Fortress Power Providing a New Energy Storage System

Philadelphia, PA, January 23, 2018 –(– Fortress Power is introducing high performing Lithium Ferrite Phosphate batteries to the energy sector. The battery system is intended for home and business owners who don’t have time to worry about power outages or costly spikes in their electricity bill. Fortress Power Battery is designed to be integrated into homes and businesses with or without solar – allowing continuous power, day or night. In 2018, Fortress Power is launching the release of their 10 kWh and 15 kWh energy storage systems in the United States. When using solar, Fortress batteries are equipped with enough energy to power your home and meet all of your home's energy needs on a typical day. The large power capacity offers a fast charging and high continuous discharge current. Lithium Ferrite Phosphate batteries operate with a wider temperature range, providing efficient round-trip conversion and consistent reliability. The battery is also designed to be compatible with the many different chargers and inverters that are available on the market. And thanks to their lightweight and compact design, each battery can also be easily installed in under one hour. The battery’s design is constructed to be small enough so that they can be to be stored in your home or business. And unlike traditional lead acid batteries, lithium ferrite phosphate is proven to be safer because it won’t release harmful gases...

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