Day: January 21, 2018

Danny Skelly Opens New Real Estate Brokerage Company Named Orson Hill Realty

Evergreen, CO, January 21, 2018 –(– Danny Skelly, a real estate broker, has opened Orson Hill Realty, a high end luxury real estate company. Danny Skelly, formally with Keller Williams Foothills, sees the perfect opportunity in the high paced real estate market in Colorado. With the increasing inventory and the rising sale prices it is a perfect time to take over the luxury market as well the average price home market. Orson Hill Realty, its agents and its brokers have all been part of the Denver and Denver Foothills real estate luxury market for years. They have understand the current market and how to treat their clients. Danny Skelly, the founder of Orson Hill Realty knows that putting the client first is most important thing in the real estate business. He believes not enough Realtors and real estate companies do this simple thing. He has been a realtor long enough to know this is what sets him as well as his business model apart from the rest. Danny says, "It is a simple concept, I'm not sure why more real estate companies don't require its agents and brokers to put the client first." Danny Skelly has years of experience with marketing and internet marketing. He owned a marketing company in southwest Florida. His marketing company worked mostly with real estate companies in marketing listings and designing their websites and...

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GoLookUp’s Unclaimed Money Search Helps to Discover Lost Funds Across the USA

Wilmington, DE, January 21, 2018 –(– With nearly 60 billion dollars tied up in various funds and government agencies, millions of Americans are unaware that they are entitled to unclaimed money left behind by them or their relatives. GoLookup's Unclaimed Money Search uses advanced cross referencing of public records to help people find and retrieve the money that is lawfully theirs. While it may sound a bit strange to some people, the term "abandoned money" is often used by different authorities to describe unclaimed money left behind by US citizens. The abandoned money refers to funds that are not claimed by their owners or an owner's relatives after it has been left behind. While most try to keep track of their funds, sometimes it is difficult to do so after it has been spread across different establishments such as pension funds, life insurance agencies and other state and government branches. In order help retrieve lost money, the GoLookUp website allows users to search for it in an easy to use search engine that can help millions of Americans. How Can One Use the Unclaimed Money Search? In order to seek, find and retrieve lost funds, GoLookUp allows users to conduct a nation-wide search using three personal details: first name, last name and the state that may have the lost funds. Within minutes, the fast and nation-wide search engine scans...

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