Day: January 16, 2018

Residential Home Funding Corp. and Carbon Credit Capital Launch World’s First Carbon Neutral Mortgage Product

Parsippany, NJ, January 16, 2018 –(– Carbon Credit Capital is proud to officially announce its latest Carbon Neutral Checkout ® Partnership with Residential Home Funding Corp. of America. Residential Home Funding and CCC have been in conversation since May of this year to develop and bring to market a mortgage product that mirrors its generic counterparts, save for one key difference. The Carbon Neutral Mortgage ensures that the fees borrowers typically pay to banks and underwriters upon closing their loans are instead put towards carbon offset projects to fully mitigate the projected carbon footprint of owning and operating the home, for the life of the loan. What is a Carbon Neutral Mortgage? CCC developed a state-wide generic emissions factor per square-foot of a home, and by multiplying this calculation by the size of a home in square-feet, we can determine the estimated emissions from energy use over one year, and subsequently, the life of the loan. The Carbon Neutral Mortgage is currently available in New Jersey, and will likely expand in the coming months to select states nationwide. When borrowers close a Carbon Neutral Mortgage they receive acknowledgement, personalized certification, and will have a specified number of carbon offsets removed from circulation in the global carbon markets and “retired” in their name – meaning that they, and only they can ever get credit for reducing those emissions. The mortgage...

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Local RV Dealer, Hemlock Hill RV Named Among Top 50 RV Dealers in North America

Southington, CT, January 16, 2018 –(– RVBusiness magazine recently named Hemlock Hill RV, located at 2123 Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike in Southington, CT, as one of its 2017 Top 50 RV Dealers in North America. The Andro family of Hemlock Hill RV is very proud and grateful to have achieved Top 50 RV dealer status. Hemlock Hill RV has remained a local, family run business for over 30 years, where the owners still work in the day-to-day operations. Growing their people through education, special job opportunities and training is what has helped Hemlock Hill RV reach this level of success in the RV Industry. Hemlock Hill RV trains their people on RV everything, everyday! The Hemlock Hill RV sales team is extremely knowledgeable on all of their RV units, (new and used), and maintain great relationships with each customer. Hemlock Hill RV’s trusted service technicians are RVIA certified where Value, Safety, Security and Professionalism are their priority. "Our employees are like family to us. We couldn’t have done it without their dedication, loyalty and passion," said Chris Andro, Owner & General Manager of Hemlock Hill RV. RVBusiness asked recreation vehicle manufacturers to nominate dealers across the United States and Canada who exemplify best practices and excellence in their field. Nominees were invited to fill out comprehensive applications describing business aspects including customer service and satisfaction, employee training, financial planning, marketing and...

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Golden Software Releases Grapher 2D and 3D Graphing and Analysis Software

Golden, CO, January 16, 2018 –(– Golden Software, LLC, the leading developer of affordable scientific graphics software, announces the release of Grapher version 13, an accurate 2D and 3D graphing and analysis application that meets the most simple to the most complex graphing needs. Introduced in 1986, Grapher is a leading competitor in graphing software. Designed for scientists, engineers, and business professionals, Grapher converts data from numerous file formats into more than 70 fully customizable graph types. Practically every component of Grapher’s plot is customizable, allowing users to quickly and easily create publication-quality graphs. The most highly-requested new feature in Grapher is the new piper plot graph type. Also known as trilinear diagrams, piper plots are used to visualize the chemical composition of rock, soil, or water samples in hydro-geological industries. All aspects of the piper plot are fully customizable ensuring precise and accurate output. The biggest improvement is Grapher’s redesigned user interface. The new interface is significantly more intuitive than previous versions. This allows users to quickly locate commands needed to complete tasks and customize graphs. The revamped Graph Wizard steps a user through the graph creation process, from raw data to the final graph, in as few as three steps. New default colors, styles, and gradients ensure graphs look great from the start. Other in-demand enhancements include improvements to Grapher’s fit curve functionality. New LOESS and Reduced...

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Executive Capital Summit to Hold It’s First Annual eCap Summit, Feb. 11-13 in Miami

Miami, FL, January 16, 2018 –(– The eCap Summit is the only transactional event focused on the mid-market owner and operator. They’re bringing motivated banks, lenders and brokers together with owners and C-Level operators in a high-end, luxurious and intimate setting. The SNF landscape is transforming. The traditional buyer profile has shifted from large corporate chains to single operators purchasing smaller packages of facilities, and REITs are spinning off operations to local management. Educational panels at the event include some of the leaders in today's healthcare space, including George Hager, CEO of Genesis Healthcare, Ed Burnbaum, Charles Hilding and more. eCap is a unique opportunity to engage in direct discussions with financial institutions and thought-leaders focused on the evolving market shift. Join bankers, lenders, brokers, industry leaders and executives in one-on-one networking sessions, golf outings and other activities designed to build new, highly productive-relationships. • On-demand thought leadership focused on critical issues facing both buyers and investors • Networking opportunities designed at their core to build new, highly-productive relationships • Targeted attendees that will enable you to build new relationships in areas such as funding, operations and solutions/services • Investors, owners, operators and best-in-class vendors at the heart of the mid-level buyer revolution • World-class golf and five-star amenities and entertainment Register at Contact Information: eCap Summit Ovadyah Stvasky 732-955-9037 Contact via Email Read the full story...

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BIG DATA AND SMART CITIES – by Grégory Labrousse, founder and owner of a French brand, nam.R.

The UN estimates an urban population of 5 billion by 2030. But today the densification of the population living in the cities and the demands of quality of life call for innovations in many sectors. For a better quality of life, the concept of smart city or connected city, proposes a model of real-time management of energy resources (water, electricity, gas) and citizen participation in this management. The connected city interacts with its inhabitants and meets their needs. To develop useful services for urban residents, the challenge is to meet the needs of the inhabitants and the resources of a city (energy,...

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