Day: January 14, 2018

GoLookUp’s Advanced People Search Method Lets Anyone Tap Into Hundreds of Millions of People Records

Wilmington, DE, January 14, 2018 –(– As the world gets overpopulated and data becomes more valuable than paper money, gold or diamonds, the need for a People Search tool is greater more than ever. While there are now more ways to connect with the people than ever before, with the growth of mobile applications and smart phones; the need for accurate information has become a high demanded product. Before the availability of information right at our finger tips by simply entering a search into google; in the time of yellow pages, it was nearly impossible to find people we had lost contact with. GoLookUp’s advanced people search engine has solved many problems relating to finding people and getting accurate information related to those people. How does the people search work exactly? In order to search and find a person across America using the GolookUp tool, a user will need to enter basic information about the desired person on the website's search page; first and last name, state of residency. Once that information is available, Golookup allows to dig for gold in terms of people search. The website will provide users with information about the person's address, their arrest records, social information and so on. The search is completely discrete, users can be sure that GoLookUp does not monitor activity on the website, and the results are 100% Private. How...

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Basic Steps Mental Health Opens

Mukilteo, WA, January 14, 2018 –(– Basic Steps Mental Health Outpatient Clinic, is announcing its opening to serve people with mental health and substance use issues in Snohomish County and King County Washington. Over 20% of people in these areas are in need of professional care and the options for treatment have been very limited – until now. Basic Steps’ unique approach targets the underlying core issues at the root of substance addiction, depression, anger, and anxiety. Participants learn how to use counseling strategies to address issues physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. By the end of treatment people actually master the “Self-Counseling” Method. “This approach has showed tremendous results at the Mental Health Urgent Care Center in Long Beach California. It has shown great success at a Residential program in Washington State. It is now adapted for outpatient treatment so people can have ongoing care at an affordable price,” says Clinical Director Dr. Scott Alpert. “This is a psychological program teaching people how to counsel themselves. Literally on paper you can be both client and therapist after learning the approach. Since money and time are tight, many people are forced to seek outpatient alternatives. Basic Steps provides a Residential type program for a quarter of the price.” Basic Steps Mental Health – “Treatment the way you always wanted it to be.” If you would like more information about this...

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