Day: January 11, 2018

PLB Sports, Leader in Athlete-Endorsed Food Products, Launches Brand-New WWE Fruit Snacks Featuring Top Names in Wrestling

Pittsburgh, PA, January 11, 2018 –(– PLB Sports, the premier food marketing company specializing in matching professional athletes with superior product lines, announced the launch of their brand new WWE Fruit Snacks. Joining a realm of other unique food products representing professional sports like WWE, hockey, baseball, and more, WWE Fruit Snacks are sure to be a fan-favorite. The first of its kind, WWE Fruit Snacks come in six delicious flavors including cherry, strawberry, orange, blue raspberry, apple, and grape. Each snack is molded into a custom “W” shape to mirror the WWE logo. Featuring some of the top names in professional wrestling including John Cena, Roman Reigns, A.J. Styles, Sasha Banks, and Naomi, the packaging is as appealing as the snacks. In addition, each box is etched with an official WWE hologram, making it the perfect gift for memorabilia collectors. “You’ve got to try these fruit snacks. Ten pouches of deliciousness. My new favorite snack!” commends Linda P, longtime fan of PLB Sports products. With great flavors that all ages will like, it’s no doubt these will become a crowd favorite in no time. The launch of the brand new WWE Fruit Snacks will undoubtedly appeal to sports fanatics, especially those following WWE Raw. And, for people buying gifts, PLB Sports’ latest venture is sure to reach the niche market of those looking for WWE stuff for sale....

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Introducing Conversion Marketing, a Data-Driven Agency Focused on Generating Measurable Results

New York, NY, January 11, 2018 –(– Joining Forces with Green Ink Communications to Integrate Creative Development with PR and Marketing Execution Green Ink Communications today announced the launch of Conversion Marketing, a branding, PR and digital marketing agency focused on generating the right measurable results based on specific business objectives. Conversion Marketing takes a unique approach to dissecting the customer journey, and uses those insights to run the most effective and influential tactics. Under the leadership of former IBM VP, Matt Berry, Conversion Marketing utilizes the latest tools and technologies to increase brand loyalty, improve lead quality and conversion, while taking accountability for driving results. Conversion Marketing takes an multi-channel approach to digital marketing with a focus on increasing conversions, repeat traffic and generating greater brand loyalty. The combination of Green Ink Communications and Conversion Marketing provides clients with a full range of creative and strategic services – from video production to brand reputation management. For 25 years, Green Ink has been building and growing its capabilities and client base. Today’s announcement represents Green Ink’s innovative approach and collaborative spirit. “We set out to create an agency model, and unique set of capabilities that doesn’t exist today,” said Matt Berry, Partner, Conversion Marketing. “With a global network of talented writers, producers, PR pros and marketing experts, our new collaborative agency model can help businesses of all sizes around...

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Clogs by C&C SWEDEN Launches Brand Exclusive Custom Print Program

West Palm Beach, FL, January 11, 2018 –(– Clogs by C&C SWEDEN, designer and manufacturer of fashionable and comfortable, professional safety footwear, is excited to announce the launch of their Corporate “Brand Exclusive” Custom Print Program. Clogs by C&C SWEDEN will now offer thousands of uniform and scrub manufacturers as well as uniform and footwear retailers, the ability to customize their line of handcrafted Swedish clogs, with brand exclusive custom prints to reflect their specific customer and brand identity. With the goal to provide their clients with a fun, new opportunity to collaborate in creating custom printed clogs, C&C SWEDEN will work hand in hand with corporate scrub manufacturers, retailers, and hospital systems to design footwear unique to their brand. By providing the option to create one of a kind prints, companies will now have the ability to showcase their company logo, or any print that reflects their brand aesthetic on the C&C SWEDEN clogs, which are known throughout the industry for their outstanding quality, comfort, safety, and fit. The Corporate “Brand Exclusive” Custom Print Program by Clogs by C&C SWEDEN will launch immediately and offer client incentives, such as low minimums and nominal set-up charges. With customization being a major industry trend, C&C SWEDEN expects this new program to be a huge success and looks forward to providing their customers customized footwear, featuring the ultimate comfort. “We are...

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Yuks TV 24/7 #Livestream Channel is on the Air

Los Angeles, CA, January 11, 2018 –(– Launched New Years Day 2018, when you click the link for Yuks.TV a #24/7, single, #livestream begins playing whatever program is in progress. Other than the full screen tab, there are no other buttons, links, there is nowhere else to go. So the choice is simple, with apologies to Shakespeare, "To watch or not to watch?" It is this that make Yuks TV in the traditional sense a true, pure, television "channel" with, in effect, internet global distribution. Playing at any given time could be Swamp Women with Mike (Mannix) Connors or The Blue Angel with Marlene Dietrich. Yuks TV has a library of hundreds of films, TV shows, all edited to 1280 HD with enhanced audio. Your hosts Prop Guy & Soyracha Dragon appear regularly on the first Yuks TV original program, A Dragon Show, which is simulcast on Periscope @ Soyracha.TV. More original programming for Dragon Fashion @ ShopNow.Live is in the works. Those programs are rebroadcast to Dragon's 2,000,000 million plus Facebook fans @soyrachasauce. The verified demographics for Soyracha on Facebook are female, 13 – 34 years old. Yuks TV is currently looking for strategic partners in all related industries such as advertising, retail, and entertainment. Yuks TV and Soyracha Dragon can be a powerful advocate for your brand. Contact Information: YuksTV Dailey Pike 818-430-7225 Contact via Email http://Yuks.TV...

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Seamless and Unified Social Messaging for Twitter, Facebook, G+ and LinkedIn

Dallas, TX, January 11, 2018 –(– Buzzlogix announced that SocialMessenger – The Unified Social Media Messaging Inbox for Individual and integrated Real-Time Social Media Engagement will be available for all major Social Networks. The new feature brings advanced Social Messaging to the Buzzlogix All-In-One Social Media Monitoring, Analytics and Engagement platform. Now Social Media Managers and Users can easily organize the rapidly growing load of social messaging from different social networks in one single view. “Unified and social network independent engagement is the only solution for effective and successful social media communication with customers and partners. I’m excited to introduce our newly developed Social Messaging tool. It allows any person or organization to individually and instantly reply to a message received from any of the leading social networks. Shortly, we will release a version allowing Buzzlogix users to manage and respond to all social messages from any standard email client,” explains Ioannis Makris, Buzzlogix CTO and co-founder. How Buzzlogix Social Media Unified Messaging & Engagement Works Social Media Monitoring 1. Setup topic streams with the user-friendly wizard by adding keywords, the channels and languages. 2. Buzzlogix instantly collects all the social media mentions from e.g. Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogs, news and discussions from across the web 24/7. 3. Buzzlogix then processes and enhances the data to display timelines and relevant reports on interactive dashboards. 4. Create...

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